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a few useful links,
and sub links
videos, and tips
to look over

yeah, increased displacement helps and building a killer BBC old school,
for your car can be both cost effective and produce impressive results
some of the most effective, cost per hp and efficient combo's ,
will be the 496 displacement and if you have access to the correct block,
the larger bore 540 BBC combos.
nothings cheap to build but a very impressive and durable,
over the longer term, power plant can be built.
do the required research, and stick to a known well proven well documented combo.
both the 496 and 540 combos are built,
with the 4.25" stroke (FORGED 4340 STEEL crank )
and both usually use the 7/16" ARP rod bolt 6.385" rods,
and built for street performance use,
generally the 300-345cc intake ports,
both generally use the 10.5:1-12.5:1 compression ratio,
and are generally built with a cam in the 245-250 intake lobe duration at .050 lift range,
matched to a 3200 rpm stall and a 3.73:1-4.11:1 rear gear ratio
obviously do the required research before spending cash,
but 600-680 hp, and similar torque is not hard to reach or exceed, N/A
with proper planning, and parts selection ,and higher quality well matched components.
slap a turbo or centrifugal super charger on a well designed 496-540 bbc
and cracking 800 ft lbs and 1000 hp has been done frequently especially if supercharged or nitrous are selected.
I've built dozens of impressive 377-383-406 SBC, engines,
that powered cars into 11 and 10 second 1/4 mile times
but they are not even in the same league with the feel ,
or sound of a car powered by a high compression 496-540 BBC engine.


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heres some calculators you might use

gear spread sheet that comes in handy THANKS TO 1FATGMC


a few resources to allow you to calculate the ideal results

heres some differant calculators
average the results
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not everything you see in videos will be helpful or useful,
but the more info you have the better prepared you'll be to build a decent engine.
btw theres zero benefit in durability or power in peak oil pressure over 65 psi,
so try for idle oil pressure at about 25-30 psi MINIMUM, and you don't need more than 65 psi PEAK oil pressure,
but peak oil pressure up to maybe 75 psi won't hurt anything either, its oil flow volume not pressure thats most important.

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