Bent piston stop...


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Hey all,

On my list of things to order from Summit is a piston stop.

On of the scariest experiences I ever had a few years back was when I was trying to determine TDC with a piston stop.

I could not feel a positive stop with the piston stop and wound up bending. (Hence why I need to get another one :rolleyes:) I was very concerned that I had damaged the piston, but it had turned out ok... I was also worried about valve interference.

How deep should one thread the piston stop and ...any other tips on doing this right beyond removing all the spark plugs???


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step one
remove ALL the spark plugs,in all cylinders, and make sure the cars not in gear,
so spinning the engine over manually is far less effort and feeling the piston touch, the piston stop is much easier.
remove both rockers from that cylinder during the process of verifying TDC