better brake pads? and drum wear?


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Would anyone have an idea whether or not semi-metallic brake shoes (NAPA) will affect rear drum wear on a tri5? Thanks

all brake shoes by design will cause some wear, but ID suggest the ceramic brake shoes as they leave noticeably less residual dust and seem too wear well, and not cause quite as much drum or rotor wear in my experience vs semi metallic (much cleaner with ceramic shoes) obviously the weight of the car or truck and how fast you drive and how often you brake effects wear.

you might want to try premium ceramic brace pads , they have in my experience lasted a bit longer and done less wear to the rotors than the metallic pads, and they don,t puke as much debris,1326305,brake+&+wheel+hub,brake+shoe,1688

and of course theres the option of upgrading to larger disc brakes
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The Grumpy Grease Monkey mechanical engineer.
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I have to order my third set of rotors for the 2008 corvette and probably forth or fifth set of pads. The car has 75k miles on it.

It seams to me to be a bit harsh there, what are your experiences?

I'm excluding tracking in the wear 'n tear because I burn through a full set on a track outing. Just the normal daily driving the car to work and back.


ps: For DD driving what do you use? The OEM stuff or something else?

first ID point out that theres a HUGE difference in the amounts of potential , stress and wear and heat your subjecting the rotors and pads to under racing vs street driving conditions.
ID also pint out that the materials and diameter of the rotor have a very noticeable effect on the pad and brake rotor wear rates.
stock brakes tend to fade once they get over heated as the stock brakes are not designed for true racing applications.
anytime you have serious questions on an upgrade it pays to do an internet search and ask questions, from at least 4-5 different tech support teams as to what you need and then compare notes. prices features, repair or upgrade difficulty and required changes that may be necessary to upgrade


one of the guys I was helping locally failed to ask enough questions on a brake upgrade ,
he purchased much larger disc brakes for his 1985 corvette and
adapter plates etc.
once he put the car up on jack stands and had installed significantly larger and much better quality disc brakes,
with multi piston calipers on both the front and rear axles ,
he went to re-mount the stock rims only to find they would not clear the significantly larger diameter brakes,
so he needed to spend considerably more cash on new wheels and tires,

that would clear the better and significantly larger diameter, disc brakes
expense he had not anticipated going into the mods,
but one he later was very happy with)

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IF you call some of the more performance oriented brake suppliers they can suggest both rotors and pad materials designed for the increased and much higher heat levels
several vendors can supply higher heat level brake pad designs and larger diameter brake rotors made from a different alloy and with larger cooling vents.

racing brakes are considered an expendable and expected, to be frequently replaceable wear item like tires

brembo, wildwood stoptech,_ST60_Big_Brake_Kit___&code=yes&autoMake=Chevrolet&autoModel=Corvette+C6+Coupe&autoYear=2012&autoModClar=Standard+Model&checkVehicle=&src=17540115&ci_sku=ST83.187.6700.71&ci_sku=ST83.187.6700.71&ci_src=17588969&s_kwcid=AL!3756!3!76743425533!!!s!119303236573!&ef_id=WKdB@wAAAKDUs6db:20180103224527:s

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