Car Inspector's Best Friend

Ed Hannigan

New Member
As a car inspector, tools such as thermal cameras are a must have. I have used many different thermal cameras over the years and recently came across the IR0018 from Perfect Prime. When inspecting the car, diagnostic procedures can be accelerated with thermal measurements and even undetected problems can be unveiled.It can be used to detect different areas of the car, most commonly the engine, the brakes and the heating and cooling system. With the high quality resolution and image from the IR0018, I can easily identify where the problems begin and it largely helps me to identify and find a solution to the problem.

With a simple and useful manual that comes along with the product, it didn’t take me a long time to grasp how to use the thermal imaging camera. One of the best features it has is the image registration. It allows you to align the thermal mode and visible light mode so you can accurately determine the temperature of the object you are trying to diagnose. From my memories, I have not seen any other thermal cameras with the same feature.

Mostly because of this feature and the low price, I would highly recommend any professional car inspectors to get the IR0018.