compared value on two Nepalese imported bowies I own


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If you want a larger, heavy and decently well made bowie,
the knife above is a very good value, well made and Id strongly suggest you select the kydex sheath
Id buy this BOWIE ABOVE again

the knife below is clownishly large at about 14" in blade size :facepalm::swearing:and not all that well made its basically a 7mm sheet of steel in a bowie profile with an added back brace added, I felt this was a bad waste of money for the price

dbad Big Jim Bowie knife - the greatest Musso Bowie ever made

Redesigned, customized, modified, made better and stronger to pay homage to James Bowie and his greatest Musso Bowie;
designed by Donnie B All Day and made by The Khukuri House, KHHI nepal.
it does come with a nice kydex sheath, and its reasonably well made , but the basic design lacks the weight & feel of an authentic bowie

it looks like theres a similar but full tang design, :like: