floor jacks not working as it should


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I have a 7000# floor jack with a 22" max lift. I am getting only about half of the lift. After a few pumps the handle has a lot of free play. It finally reaches a point to where it is all free play an no lift at all. I tried adding some jack oil but that didn't help.

Is there some maintenance of repair to get the jack operational?

Thanks, Pete

IT would rather obviously help to have clear detailed pictures from all sides, and to know what brand and model number ?
it sure sounds like your seals, o-rings are leaking or your jack has air rather than hydraulic fluid.
most floor jacks are rather easily repaired, but you need to know whats damaged and how to dis-assemble and inspect and repair the jack or find a good hydraulic repair shop locally







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So was there ever any final decision on the better floor jacks, best value? How about the Aluminum racing jacks. I haven’t had a floor jack since my lift was installed. Just need it for my cars and van right now.


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I have YET to find a decent quality, and proven to be durable aluminum floor jack,
with a minimum of a 23" lift,
(anything less won,t work in my shop ,
as I generally use 4-6 of the 12 ton rated jack stands,
when I don,t use my lift)
maybe old habits but I like using a mechanics creeper
at anything like a reasonable price (think under $300):rolleyes::D
but I have several friends that have purchased the linked HF floor jack
https://www.harborfreight.com/3-ton-daytona-professional-steel-floor-jack-super-duty-63183.html?utm_referrer=direct/not provided&utm_referrer=http://www.yellowbullet.com/forum/showthread.php?t=2359697
and so far they are all happy with the floor jacks they bought,,
(be aware that most have owned them for less than two years so far)


even with 4 12 ton rated jack stands under the frame, having a few sturdy supports under the tires is a good secondary safety practice

yes I recommend using both the (4) 12 ton jack stands and a mechanics creeper, and use of the tire support blocks,
if you do things like clutch replacements,
building these as they can be fabricated very cheaply and add considerably redundant safety,
to keep your butt out of trouble under a car .
a lift is nice:D
but if your an old geezer having a mechanics creeper on rollers,

and a buddy to fetch a few tools is far easier on the lower back than standing under a lift for an hour or more,


while I try to buy American made products you would have to be very un-observant,
to not have noticed that the newer HF floor jack quality has improved drastically from several years ago, and they come with a decent warrantee..
https://www.harborfreight.com/3-ton-daytona-professional-steel-floor-jack-super-duty-63183.html?utm_referrer=direct/not provided&utm_referrer=http://www.yellowbullet.com/forum/showthread.php?t=2359697




Here's a super duty 3 Ton car jack that's designed to work as hard as you do. Premium quality piston seals plus an internal magnetic filtration system work together to extend pump life. Rapid Pump dual parallel pump technology lifts in far fewer strokes. The universal joint release provides precise load control for smooth descent.

  • Best-in-class 3 Ton Professional Steel Jack is built to work longer and faster
  • Innovative hydraulic pump system with internal magnetic filtration for extraordinary pump life
  • Low profile design lifts from 3-3/4 in. to 23-1/8 in.
  • Heavy duty all-welded steel construction with durable finish
  • Universal joint release provides precise load control in any handle position
  • Knurled handle grip for secure hold, equipped with non-marring bumper to prevent damage to vehicle finish


this is interesting


I'm always amazed at the number of people who never bother too read the instructions or look over the specifications, on a floor jack, they purchase!
theres alway a compromise in quality and price ,but any tool must be able to do its intended job or its a waste of time and money
and the reason youll use a floor jack in many cases is simply to raise the car high enough to place jack stands.
but no mater what the price is if your going to buy a floor jack,
it must be durable and be able to lift a car to at least 22" height in my opinion,
simply too allow you to get the car up to a reasonable height to slide a decent quality jack stand under the cars frame,
without having to do that in several stages.
you need room for both easy access and in many cases a transmission ON a transmission jack

related info







if you own a decent welder and a tap measure, hacksaw or similar metal cutting tools and a drill,
you could certainly design and fabricate your own custom creeper without a great deal of welding or design skill required after looking at this and doing a few measurements




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While visiting the family down south we were using a Torin Big Red 4-ton floor jack that was purchased at Tractor Supply about five months ago. My first attempt at a lift on the Suburban yielded a leaking piston on the power unit. Tractor Supply did not carry the seal kit, nor would they exchange for a replacement. I reached out to Torin, explained the issue, and although they did not have any seal kits on-hand, they did have a complete new power unit which they shipped immediately, free of charge. It came just in time for me to replace the unit and confirm that it worked. I had to send them a picture of the jack because we did not have the sales receipt but no questions asked once that was accomplished. Great customer service.


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I have a set of Mr. Goodwrench jackstands new still in the box for sale. Think I could get $12 for 2 jackstands?


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I put up a whole bunch of good stuff for sale a couple days now, not one called. I usually have great success selling anything on CL. I noticed they charge $5 (for 30 days only) now for listing your car for sale.


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I put up 2 stainless steel performance mufflers I tried out for only 8 miles and removed them - both in boxes and clean as can be. asking $75. I thought for sure someone would have jumped on them they’re pretty much universal at 2.5” off set and center outlets is what most standard dual exhaust is using.