ford valve train failure, and rather interesting related info


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honestly this first video, might have been made about almost any engine,
and most parts, and no brand of parts is flawless,
as all parts given enough stress, and time , will eventually fail or wear out!
that this happened is not surprising as it might happen in any engine, but it's a valuable learning experience,
and might help you justify spending a bit more on higher quality parts and doing research before buying parts.
mis- matching components, excessive valve spring load rates
,lack of adequate oil flow rates, high oil temps, low oil pressure,
less than the correct clearances, incorrect valve train geometry,
all , of those factors and several others, can and will result in much more rapid valve train wear issues:facepalm::worried:
shrapnel screens, magnets, frequent oil and filter changes,

and constantly inspecting the valve train helps limit or prevent extensive and costly damage:relieved::like:

related info

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