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heres a picture of my used and rather nostalgic TIG welder, it might be 30 plus years old but it welds reasonably well and the cost to get into tig welding was semi reasonable.
if your paying attention youll see a bunch of sub linked info posted lower in the thread, its there to allow you to learn a great deal of useful tips and skills, skipping over the sub links is a great way to miss out, or fail to get the info you need
\if you can do so it certainly helps a great deal,
if you can find a skilled and experienced MENTOR,
or if you can sign up for and take welding classes at a local trade school

keep in mind most quality welders have a heat overload safety circuit that will shut the welder off if it gets too hot due too your, use exceeding the duty cycle, that not a problem,but it can be very annoying if you buy a welder that's too small for what your doing, its a circuit breaker that's thermally controlled that helps to prevent permanently damaging your welder, but its smart to not allow the welder to get hot enough to have that breaker circuit trip, because constantly tripping the circuit will eventually damage the welder, thats one of the reasons your far better off buying a 210-250 amp mig vs a 180 amp mig if you do a great deal of welding, a 180 amp class welder will generally have a far lower duty cycle at lets say 90 amps-140 amps than the larger migs will.

example compare these two miller welders ... 0_autoset/ ... matic_252/ ... ing-basics

now read some links for tips ... g+welding# ... cfm?ID=527 ... ur-skills/ ... setup.html ... index.html

VIDEOS ... &h=240&v=8 ... &h=240&v=8 ... g+welding# ... &h=250&v=8

watch this video ... re=related

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the surface to be welded must be pre-cleaned with a wire brush,
down to clean rust free,
degreased, paint free, bare metal, and well grounded electrically and clampped fo the surfaces are firmly held together while welding

my old college engineering instructor used to say, in my welding class
We can teach monkeys to MIG weld, so I assume & still assume there's SOME FAINT HOPE for most of you gentlemen"

honestly I think he was correct, in that with a PROPERLY ADJUSTED MIG WELDER,
with the correct amps, wire , wire speed and gas shield flow rates the actual welding process is just not very difficult to learn to do correctly,
if your dealing with clean grease free metal surfaces, especially if your welding surface is not above you.
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Re: good source for welding tips LEARNING TO TIG

you might be amazed at the amount of info available to speed up your learning to TIG weld , but if you read thru all the links posted youll have a good basic understanding of the process and gain some insight .
personally I don,t see how you can be in this hobby unless you have access to a TIG welder or at least have a friend that has a decent TIG welder, I know I use my TIG far more frequently than my MIG or ARC welders,and my TIG is not nearly as versatile as the newer versions available
I could probably get by with JUST a decent 200-270 amp TIG welder for 90% or more of all welding I do.
but my current TIG is a 30 year old DINOSAUR, MILLER TIG DESIGN , purchased USED when a welding shop upgraded, so keep your eyes open for used equipment , used doesn,t mean its not fully functional but it does usually cost far less than new.


millerwelder330.jpg ... ng_basics/ ... o-aluminum ... ulator.php


when I moved from FLA to TEXAS the old miller welder was in need of a few repairs so I donated it to a friend
( who fully understood its need to be repaired but it was FREE)

after about two years Id saved up enough cash to buy a new TIG, the
issue was finding the best value for money spent,,

now remember I was replacing a 330 amp miller tig,
I priced a 255 amp miller TIG
it was $6K plus shipping taxes etc

it may be a mistake, as its an off brand but I decided to go with an everlast TIG,\
with a 5 year warranty that cost me under $1800
with several features the old miller never had

Id point out that before I left FLA I bought a new MILLER 252 MIG welder
that cost me at the time about $2200 but now it costs about $4500
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I really liked this welder rehab video, keep in mind most people are totally CLUELESS
about welder repairs so you can get bargains on ,
should stick with name-brand welders that have parts available!
minor adjustments , and regular maintenance can make a huge improvement
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I watched these videos,
learn to use the type of welding equipment you own well.
and there's a few decent tips and demos worth watching and maybe imitating.
keep in mind a decent TIG welder , with the proper amp range and filler rods and voltage polarity/frequency,
set up for the application your into,
will do almost anything if properly used,
but if its basic steel welding, like auto body repairs,
a proper MIG is faster and a bit easier to use in a few applications
for delicate work on fine/thin materials,
I found arc welders work best on 3/16" and thicker steel,
as its a bit harder to arc weld on thin sheet steel in my experience

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I watch most shows about car rebuild, and shows like forged in fire and realize the VAST majority of the people you see "WELDING"
are clueless and hopelessly unskilled, with even a MIG welder, let alone a TIG or use of an oxy-acetylene torch
personally I consider a good TIG welder to have a few useful advantages over a similar MIG welder

related threads and sub links

I bought this miller 252 MIG for my shop, but I now see other options I was un-aware of at the time I purchased it


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