Hf 6 Ton Jack Stand Recall


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Harbor Freight Tools is recalling 454,000 Pittsburgh Automotive 6 Ton Heavy Duty Steel Jack Stands, part number 61197.

The ratchet teeth on the jack stands may not sufficiently engage the pawl into a sufficient depth, possibly causing the stand to fail under load.
.if you read carefully the jacks can malfunction if the user does not carefully verify the pawl on the jacks not correctly located the jacks are not breaking and failing its just possible to set the jack stand up so the pawl is not fully inserted in the upright stand supports gear teeth, so that it may not support the load safely
this is most likely to happen if the roll pin (#3) has sheared so its smart to visually verify the pawl tooth engagement, once your familiar with the jack stands use, thats not difficult and again the 12 to rated stands are much stronger safer and have significantly greater under the car clearance even if at the lowest height,

If the stand fails, it can suddenly drop, increasing the risk of injury to anyone nearby or under the lifted vehicle.
thus having BOTH jack stands and under the car wheel support blocks when you can do so is smart!

What to do
Harbor Freight will notify owners, and dealers will provide a gift card equal to the shelf price of the jack stands free of charge.

The manufacturer has not yet provided a notification schedule. Owners may contact Harbor Freight customer service at (800) 444-3353.

in my opinion, this is partly due to the people using the jack stands potentially
not fully and correctly checking the jack stands set-up before use, failure to verify the pawls locked in place to its full engagement depth is partly the users fault
and Ive seen lots of those roll pin locks on the pawl/lever sheared off through guys trying to lower the jasck by kicking the lever


I've used 6 of the 12 ton rated jack stands :D for over 3 decades without any issues



its smart to use BOTH 4 jack stands under the frame, and having the pawl lock and safety pin mod done to the 12 ton jack stands adds a good deal of safety,
and ose of wheel support stands, certainly helps add a second layer of under the car security, yeah, 3-4 minutes extra work could save your life or prevent serious injury and having at least one decent floor jack certainly won,t hurt either


if you choose to support the car tires these or something similar are cheap, easy and solid supports if built correctly with wood glue and thru bolts

your corvette will have enough clearance for you, on a creeper,
the transmission jack and removing the transmission with 4 12 ton jack stands on the frame
Ive used a set of 4 of the 12 ton rated HF jack stands for over 35 years with zero problems



IF YOU USE NAIL POLISH TO Color each “tooth” or notch on jack stands a different shade, OR model-car paint. A quick glance will show whether the jack stands are the same height; no counting required.


5/8 in. x 4-3/4 in. Clevis Pin available at home depot for $4 each


and YEAH! you'll need a high lift floor jack to use the 12 ton rated jack stands rather easily, many floor jacks do not lift a car frame high enough for easy 12 ton jack stand insertion/use


Maximum Lift Height (in.)
24-1/4 in.
Maximum Working load (lbs.)
6000 lb.
Minimum height (in.)
3-1/4 in.

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That sound exactly like what happened to me, except it was with their 12 ton stands.