hi everyone

im ronald , live in the netherlands and thinker a little on mostly "foreighn" cars
mostly interested in homebrew solutions to engine rebuilding and tuning


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welcome to the forums
why not post picture's of your car, & projects, etc.
allmost like working on a watch there is a lot of stuff in a verry small package , the 0.6 liter turbo engine makes 45 hp , there plans on putting a gas head on a 0.8 diesel , maibe even see if it can be bored out and fitted with pistons from a motorcycle , have the old engine and working on a way to be able to bore it out and hone it


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OBVIOUSLY A BIT OF HUMOR!!!! the squirrel probably died!
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there not that bad , there just not made to drive intoo concrete barriers , not a lot of cars are actually , they actually have more room inside for my 6.4" frame than a mercedes 190 , and a lot better roadholding than that same mercedes actually , at this moment i dont drive far or a lot so this car and the road taxes i have to pay for it while sitting still and being able to drive all over the country on a single 30 liter gastank fill is enough for me , i kindof like it
sure it has its down sides , the motor is usually worn out and start smoking after 80.000 km , good thing is a replacement / rebuild motor is 700 euro


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Welcome to the forum Ronald !

What kind of access do you have to a machine shop, sounds like you might be able to bore your own engine ?


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thats an impressive shop, if its your personal equipment, I know it took me decades to accumulate most of my shops tooling
i've been collecting and ocasionally upgrading this stuff for about 8 years or so , i live alone , dont smoke dont drink and dont drive a big car thats eating intoo my paycheck , so can set a little more aside for this stuff than most others
the shop is small and in one of the bedrooms of my apartment on the second floor (no lift) build a crane on my balcony to get the stuff up here (yes my neighbours think im weird but arent suprized anymore when stuff "happens") like a lathe passing their balcony on the way up

the main project at this time is the mill
its a three phase that im converting to single phase , it takes some time as i want the tapping function and other options on the machine to work as it did on three phase and add some extra options
i want to do it safely so im using a lot of relays (so the machine stops and whont start back up after a power outage untill i turn it back on )
want to install a dro on it but want the linear readouts to be on the inside the machine mostly
want to install a homemade quill feed
move the head up and down with a motor and have a electric feed on the X axis
im about ready with all the materials to start making the controll panel for the vfr
once the controll panel is done and the mill is running i can use the mill to make most of the other brackets and stuff to install the rest of the add ons

need to finish the second smart come summer when its warmer out ,
just some small stuff (fix the front brake calipers and bleed the system , fix a slow leak on one of the tires and install new exhaust and lambda ) to get it through the yearly vehicle test then it can be sold and i can scratch one project of the long list

have some other projects in the hat that i'm collecting parts for
combination cnc router and laser engraver drawer when the laser is done i can make inserts for my toolboxes etc etc , heared a term a while back : jak shaving , basicly means you get tools to make tools to make tools , think im in the company of people who have experienced this verry closely and hope to ocasionally bounce ideas off them
come to think of it i might as well start a topic about the projects once im good and busy with them , like the fact that i can upload pictures on this forum directly from my phone , makes it a little eazier


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that might be rather interesting!
I know Im rebuilding my shop and tool inventory after moving from FLORIDA TO TEXAS

what new major tools are you looking to acquire and what do you intend to use the new tools for?
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friend of mine was living in a student house and had a honda v twin , he broke that thing in parts and humped it up 4 flights of stairs put it back together in his room , girls seem to get a giggle out of it when he when intoo the dark room to "turn on the light"P_20171105_113935.jpgP_20171105_124635.jpg and he hit them with the high beam of the motorcycle P_20171105_125014.jpg