Ive always kind of liked the look of

I could sure use a few more inches, both length and width. My body was purchased in
1978, before there was such options as a stretched body!
I agree with the low and wide, but I'd prefer as short as possible. So far my plans feature the short and wide, but the low is no go.
Why would you want short as possible? Cosmetic ???

Several reasons.

I've always loved the maneuverability of small cars.

The first hot rod to really catch my eye was the pre Big Daddy version of Tweedy Pie
Tweedy-Pie.jpg .
Tweedy has an 84" wheelbase...I have an 8" stretched body, so my target is a 92" wheelbase.

Plus on my current build, a bobtail T with no top, in an area that has snow, with no full size garage...building to fit in a shed (under 10') seems like a good idea.

Then there is the challenge...putting 9 pounds in a 10 pound bag is easy. Turn those numbers around and make it work is a pretty slick trick.