Lift bars

I started with 2x3x3/16 mild steel tubing and 1 inch DOM for the rod end. I measured and made these to work with the radius rod mount that was already on the frame. For the axle I used 3x3/16 flat bar for the mounting plates. I drilled the tubing and installed pipe that would accept 5/8 heater hose which act as bushings and allow a small amount of flex as well as absorbing some of the road vibrations.
sorry I don't have a better picture right now. Once I was sure everything fit and I was happy with it I removed them and drilled them with a hole saw on a drill press to give them some character. Here is how they look on the car
when I bust the car apart for paint and final assembly I will sleeve the holes and cap off all the ends before painting them.
Nice work ...... all you lack is finishing now !!! hehehehe!!!!

How do the lift bars work differently than a 4 link and what made you chose that direction.
They basically work like ladder bars. It is old tech but that is what I am looking for in my build. A loosely gasser look.
sweet! i like that you cut the holes in them, makes it look like you cared how it all came together. nice build!