lots of info might just not be obvious to many people but its well worth watching through


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I watched this video several times, Id assume a great many engine builders might not catch a good deal of the tweaks done on the first view,
but think things through
ask yourself if you do similar mods and what were the reasons several mods were done?
do you do similar things?
if not why not?
yeah the engine they are describing and mods done are nearly 31 years old, but for many of the people watching its still well above the tech level they are used to,
look closely at the parts and mods, do you know why they are modified the way they were?

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That Kodak car always had its own sound and the exhaust went out the opposite side of the other cars and on superspeedways you couldn't touch it even at tracks like Pocono that car was always in a class of its own