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I am working on a c4 1985 SBC 383 TPI.
The engine i all new parts. not yet assembled
block GM-10066034
Edelbrock 5089 64cc heads, comp cams beehive springs (26918) Retainers, locks and seats.
PRW 1.6 Pro Series Billet Aluminum and Stud Girdles.
Comp Cams Xtreme Fuel Injection; XFI™ 260XFI H13 , High Energy Hydraulic Lifters and Magnum Pushrods.
Eagle B13054E 030 rotary assembly with KB 18cc hypopistons and SIR rods and cast crank.
King full bearing set and exstra Speed Pro set.
Canton Racing Circle Track Wet Sump Oil Pans 11-120M
PRW water pump.
Melling M155HV oilpump
Hedman ELITE Headers; 1-5/8" 68448 + 3" to 2.5" unknown brand muffler system with x pipe
ARP Fastener on rods, heads, hedders, etc

have certainly forgotten something

The intake is a portet OEM used base with TPIS ported runner tubes and plenum, 2x58 throttle-body
fordracing 24# injectors.
Davis Unified Ignition 12600BK Distributor with MSD Street Fire Ignition Control.

and micro squirt diy pnp to control the engine with innovate motorsports LM-2 o2 controller.

congratulations , thats a rather impressive combo and well matched to the power band that mildly ported TPI intake will support.
Its always nice to see someone do the math and match the components selected,
to the intended power/rpm band

youve certainly done a good deal more research into what will match and work than the vast majority of people I talk too!
I would point out that if you really want to maximize performance ,
swapping too a 3.54:1-or-3.73:1 rear gear helps a great deal,
and if its an automatic transmission,
Id suggest a 2600 rpm-2800 rpm stall speed torque converter.
most 1985 came with a 27 spline converter but there are a few that have 30 spline,
be sure you know what you have in that corvette, before ordering a new one.
(the stock converter stall will not work ideally with that cam)
of course get the quench distance down in the .040-.044 " range
and yes that x-pipe in the exhaust will help reduce back pressure and increase scavenging efficiency. stall converter&page=3

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