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jkh280zx said:
Hey grumpy,
Thanks for your FYI regarding your new website. I have been exploring and searching. Posted an intro with a list of upgrades with after-market parts (Stage1) and two pictures of my 83Zcar and a table which denotes the next tasks for Stage2 (also provided below). How to address these changes in sequence is my main concern? What can be changed without affecting the balance of the existing parts? I recognize that when one changes the cc injectors from stock the ECU must be changed too. The fuel side seems to be ok; however, the spark side is where most of my experience is short. I have search in HZ-google & here at your site and found the following references as noted below. Still not sure about these improvements as provided in the table. This is my fun car with a target of drive-ability and 300 HP. To date, I am not interested in programming a standalone.

What do you think? …any alternatives? …compatibility and efficiency of parts? How should these changes be grouped together when upgraded??

:shock: (it is in my introduction; can not img it)
I thank you grumpy for your input.


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ok ID suggest starting with the ignition upgrades as they will have zero negative effect on a basically stock engine but are almost mandatory once the engines in the more advanced stages of modification to allow it to run correctly under some conditions due to the occasional tendency to run rich or leaner than ideal with the other mods that the stock ignition may or may not be able to tollerate.
BUT ID STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU BUY a complete system from a single manufacturer or youll constantly have the different manufacturers suggesting the components causing any problem or failures were not due to thier components but to your mismatching or careless installation or parts incompatability, etc. even if that has no basis in facts


the pump YOU selected will be fine at the hp level your thinking about with a mild EFI set up , but if your thinking about more extensive mods the vette in tank fuel pump info might be helpful,(YOU MIGHT WANT TO AT LEAST LOOK IT OVER)

basically everything you posted suggests youve done the necessary homework and it should be fine in a mild application

remember having the correct size fuel lines and return style fuel pressure gauge, is critical to maintaining consistant fuel flow and pressure

these links might help




Thanks grumpy,
I will re-evaluate the walbro fuel pump; it is an inline pump. Especially, if I decide to elevate the performance level of my Zcar; target greater than 300 HP. I did not consider any other pump; maybe a :eek: on my part.
I diffently agree with uniformity of the next ignition system; Crane has been my choice due to the literature; Summit sent me Crane's Hi-6S ignition controlling unit; and, from my conversations with their TechServ guys, I am considering to purchase Crane's LX-1 coil and Crane's map sensor. I plan to call again for verification regarding these parts and their opperative efficiency with the Z31 ECU or Z32ECU as the next computer upgrade. What do you think of these two considerations; Crane's coil/map sensor and the next computer upgrade? As stated, I really not interested in a standalone. I also am thinking that once the table upgrades are completed that I will have this car tuned via dyno; I have read that this is best for fine tunning.
I really appreciate your time and input; hope this helps others.

Enjoying the ride daily