rebuilding the early hemi, MY FAVORITE ENGINE

while your correct in that original muscle car value... some of us (especially in my case )
will take improved strength , more precise tolerances, stronger alloys, and better function over originality,
when selecting components, (99 times out of a hundred) if finances and availability allow
Gotta have the money.
Lack it best choices are the Big Chevy.
Pontiac 455.
Fun read...
Thanks for posting that...
Always wanted to find an early hemi to build and run in one of my rigs...
But always ended up with Olds or Chevys.
Dad was an Olds enthusiast so naturally I always had that in my blood...
I helped Dad build many early Olds motors to replace in-line sixes in early Chevy and GM trucks
In the 60’s and 70’s, they were stout and with that long stroke could be built with huge bottom end grunt,
Perfect for a farm truck hauling heavy loads and pulling heavy trailers...
But Dad built a couple of fast Olds powered rods as well...
Didn’t stop me from wanting to do a Hemi, and I know Dad would have loved that as well...

I ran across this old picture , old school hot rod hemi first gen engine.
these engines look impressive and can be made to run very well,
but the cost and availability of the parts available and general knowledge of your average local machine shop,
are a huge problem, most of the older geezers that know how too work on these engines are now retired.
Id also point out that you can build a more cost effective and more powerful ,
396-496 BBC , 421-455 pontiac,400-455 buick, 425-455 olds or 474-500 caddy
Had a discussion with a younger Pontiac owner a few nights back.

There never was aftermarket blocks in early days .
Nitromethane supercharged was done by Mickey Thompson and Arnie Berwick and a few others.
1000 Hp +.

Endurance Nitro Supercharged hardest to do.
Mickey Thompson did it best.
Fritz Voight his mechanic.
They last longer no doubt safe zone rpms .

To push and win need the best and lightest strongest rotating parts possible.

Need 8260 Alloy Forged pistons.

1 more paycheck.
Order my Diamonds Grumpy.
Hello there chaps
I am back ( after a long time sorry for this)
I have just received the carbs back from rebuilding.
The block is being " stiched" as I speak.
I'll post some pictures later about it.
I watched today's Video Grumpy.
Just a massive super engineered engine the early Chrysler Hemi 331.

I noticed the Super Strong Full Round Hemi pistons.
No High tech rings required like with modern near zero skirtless piston designs to allow low reciprocating mass.
Nice pics and vids!
" our " hemi is now just back from being " stiched".
Heads are up for being rebuilt....
I am about to buy all the new stuff...
posting clear pictures and posting a detailed running commendatory would be really appreciated
Here are some repair pictures





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Ok I'll try to better my best.
( bit difficult with having to crop the pictures)

Put a picture in paint and resize to 50/25% and then put shortcut to desktop. Click on uplad file and the choose desktop and click on picture you want.

You can make a NEW FOLDER to save them to or delete if saved somewhere else on PC.
Nice!! Thx
On this engine:
Both heads have been rebuilt.
And all other parts have been bought ...
( hothemiheads).