some sources for garage plans, + some build info experiances


solid fixture here in the forum
I figure $15-20k here Grumpy.
28' x 28' x 9' like I had a few years back.
That old barn is long gone now.
Got leveled.


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no matter how big you plan to build your garage/shop .
youll find it is slightly smaller than you wish it was a year or so later.
plan to add extra outlets, exhaust fans, ceiling fans, interior lighting,
and a decent security system, high-quality doors locks and don,t forget several fire extinguishers and at least one phone outlet or access to the internet port,
if possible a shower and bath room


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one of the local guys that comes over for coffee and a bit of conversation,
was looking around in my shop, and he asked me a question I thought,
might be helpful to answer,

as the info might prove helpful to a few other people
, during the planning stages of their shops.
he asked me,
" now that you've had a few years in your shop,:D
and some , hands on, experience,
lets say you move or need to start over,

what would you have changed or modified :rolleyes:
if you rebuilt the shop on a new home someplace else"

You should go back over the posted info at this point and look over that info, to get a decent idea about what we are talking about if you did not previously read the thread and links.
well I did a good deal of thinking before I built my current shop. so I don't think I made many mistakes, but anything can be improved.
the auto lift and bathroom are fine,as is almost everything else, but anything can be improved,
Id have added a hose bib faucet at each of the four corners of the shop on the outside walls for a total of 6 vs the current two, (one near the entrance door and one between the garage doors)
I would have made the walls 14 ft tall vs the current 16 ft tall, Id have made the shop 40ft x 80ft vs the current 75ft x 36 ft Id have the whole floor slab poured a minimum of 8" thick with about twice as much # 7 rebar in the footers vs the current #5 rebar the county required, and I would have increased the pad height the shop is built on from its current 4 ft above average surrounding ground level to about 6ft-7 ft above average surrounding ground level, as a further precaution due to the fact it would help drainage and made the bathroom septic tank more effective in rapid draining, (no theres never been the least indication the current drain field or septic tank is not 100% fine)
Id have used 1" electrical conduit on the 4/FT tall shop wall GFI outlet runs and the over head lighting and fan electrical wire runs in a couple places and made the shop, lighting compressor and alarm system and fan switch locations all located at the entrance side door wall location.
Id have installed a larger breaker box with room for a couple more breakers as the current 200 amp breaker box is close to full.
(I am very happy that I used mostly 10 ga copper and most outlets are direct single runs from the breaker box to the outlet vs chains of linked outlets,
and the outlets for the 220 volt outlets are all 8 GA copper and direct runs on individual breakers
(these 220 volt outlets would be changed to 1" conduit)
I have 24 - 4ft long quad florescent light fixtures in the ceiling

and 8 dual 150 watt motion sensor lights

mounted at about 12 ft height, ID add two more in the new shop, I have 21 60" fans Id add three more in a new shop, I have two 2500 cfm roof fans ID add two more

for a total of 4 and have them hooked to motion sensors so the roof exhaust fans come on anytime I'm in the shop

related info
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The Grumpy Grease Monkey mechanical engineer.
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I figure Im not doing too badly in the goal of rebuilding a shop and replacing the tools I lost due to moving, to texas from florida,
its true its not really comparable to what I had but Im doing the best I can as finances time and the wife allow
I have acquired a really nice engine stand and a 20 ton press, and I bought new micrometers, new floor jack, and a good deal of shelving so far

20 Ton H-Frame Floor Shop Press

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this is the best deal I have found recently on HD shelving,
this shelving's rated at 2000 lbs per shelf, or 8000 lbs for each set of shelves
be aware that youll most likely need a few under screen slats added , or a full shelf surface area,
of 3/4" plywood on the screen for bracing ,if you stick heavier items like blocks on the shelving
I had full length and width plywood under the engine blocks I had in storage, in fla and never had issues

these shelves normally list for $299 but are currently on sale,
if you need a similar set Id suggest you jump on the limited time sale price reduction

  • All steel construction for industrial-strength storage
  • 4-tier rack stands 72in.H and features four 77in.W x 24in.D shelves
  • Each shelf has 2000-lb. load capacity
  • Each shelf has 3 cross braces
  • Wire mesh deck allows air to circulate around contents

14 sets of 4 shelves =$4219 delivered to my shop
each set of shelves is listed as weighing 133 lbs
estimated time of arrival 6-7 business days
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