T Bucket Frame ID


Looking to identify a T Bucket frame manufacturer.

I picked up a frame the other day and stamped on the rail was "Top Notch 23T 02185".

Anyone have any ideas of who the builder might be?

Thanks ya'll.
your welcome , we try to help out, BTW
put an add in your local paper, craigs list and bargain trader magazines saying your looking for an early hemi engine to rebuild tor your t-bucket,(I would not pass on a 500 caddy if that comes up) you might be amazed at the number of old engines guys have stashed in sheds and under work benches they may sell semi reasonably , but be aware theres a few scammers and thieves out there so
I would not go out with a pocket full of cash alone and un-able to protect myself, answering those add responses , ask lots of questions and if the guy does not seem to know what your talking about Id pass, you may miss some deals but your less likely to deal with thieves and ,morons
I generally took two friends
(Jack whose a retired cop and Allen whos about 6'5" and 300 lbs of muscle, and into martial arts ) Im 6"3 and 270 and I can assure you there was a few times that the guys answering adds I placed did not have the merchandise they said they had and it looked like it may have been a potentially iffy situation.
Appreciate the advice. I'm 6' and about 225, a little portly but formidable. So, far I've no issues chasing parts. Most folks have been reasonable.

I've got a 53 Chrysler 331 Hemi and a Torqueflite 727 transmission. I like the cast bell housing of the early 331, you just don't see too many of those around. And the Torqueflite will require some modification, mostly removing the aluminum bell housing from the casing. Hot Heads as does Wilco sells an adapter that bolts up to the transmissions forward pump. All in all it makes for a unique drive train.
. . . . . . . . . . . ,(I would not pass on a 500 caddy if that comes up) . . . . . . . . . . . .

Wait, you're saying a Caddy 500 is desirable now? When did that idea start? I have a near new 1970 carb to pan, all accessories included 8,900 miles one that was from an funeral director's escort car that was stolen and vandalized. I just had it listed in Hemmings but pulled the ad because I can't yet talk. I must have listed it too low, in 3 days filled the message service.
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Then it sounds like a deal trading something for something should be taken advantage of now.
Sometime when opertunity knocks you need to answer the door.
I picked up a 71 Buick 350 a while back because the distributer is in the front as a GM product. But then I discovered that the bore and stroke are square, 3.9 inches I think. I've found that the produce some good low end torque.
Wouldn't happen to have a 345 Desoto Hemi, would ya? =)