There’s a new type of retail contractor that is taking over how everything in our universe is priced


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And corporate America loves them.
You see them in Home Depot, Walgreens, WaWa, Target and in cybor space Amazon. They call themselves “Price Checkers.”

Their job is to sweep though an entire inventory to find anything not appropriately priced. They can change that store’s system to correct a price too low or too high, they almost never lower a price And do it at the end of each day. They even have software for the smallest of stores and they guarantee to increase revenue for the companies by an immediate 15%.
They are working on a way for local governments to streamline tax assessments on a slidding scale with the everchanging economy.
We are heading towards a clear direction of the haves and have nots and those with high paying jobs, inherited wealth and lottery winners being the small class between the poor and the wealthy billionairs.