Top 10 Best Car Battery Chargers Consumer Reports in 2018


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Amazon had this Schumacher Battery Charger at $120 earlier this week.
It has been raised to $161.99 today.
Price Gouging.

Looking for Vintage Used No Electronics Battery Charger right now.
Have to take a Road Trip to Chicago again soon.
All deals are there for me here.

Gp has no high tech electronics & battery will hold a charge for 2-1/2 years sitting I have found with battery connected.
Turn the key & it starts right up.

1987 Corvette have to start at least once a month & let it run.
Or charge the battery once a month.
Winter want the battery connected to protect the LCD dash instrument display.

1999 Chevy Tahoe my daily driver now.
Use good parts & it keeps running.
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I didn't buy any of those mentioned so far, I bought the CTEK 7002 12-Volt Battery Charger
in April 2019. It has a 5 year warranty. They supply chargers to companies like Ferrari,
McClaren, Porsche, Aston Martin, Bentley, Mercedes and others.

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a recent option, in a trickle charger that has decent reviews


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Wow! You read my mind as I’m in the midsts of multiple battery problems right now

1. Several car batteries completely dead from non use

2. Several batteries for power tools that haven’t been used in a very long time. All have had very little use from the start.

3. I have a Toyota battery pack with 26 individual cells that need recharging if even possible.


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I have a diehard battery charger:D
I've used in the shop,
very similar to the one , linked above thats worked well for over 20 years
,and it still works,
but I had a momentary lapse of common sense a few months back,
I wanted something a bit more portable... I saw one at a HF sale,
that was stupid.

ID be far more inclined to purchase something like one these two battery chargers linked above,
at about $180-$200 they are decent quality for the price,
and yeah I know exactly what you're talking about..

(crap quality cheap battery chargers)
I recently purchased one a HF
its a cheap piece of crap,
but I got it for a totally WASTED $29 at the time...
it lasted about 1 month:rolleyes::mad: IjoiOTc0MSJ9


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5C29F178-ED5D-4050-9497-4E3B7EF4FD47.jpeg My big charger is one I bought my Daddy for Xmas, it’s a craftsman 6/12 volt 225 boost and 30 regular charge. It’s about 25-30 yrs old but still works good. I use a floating trickle charge I got at Harbor Frieghts for bout 15 bux, works great!
That Diehard charger, Grumpy,is similar in specs to my Craftsman charger, mine just didn’t have a cart. But I built one to get it up off the ground.
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