Working On A 2012 Camaro


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one of the local guys asked me to help fix the e-brakes on his camaro,
but since he was doing brakes he wanted all new rotors,
ceramic pads, calipers front and back, etc.
he has a manual trans and a v6 engine.
he got quoted something like $1700-$2000 to replace all the brakes,
rotors and pads, and correct the parking brake issue.
it seems they were just not working very well,
even with the brake lever pulled the camaro still rolled rather easily on hills,
and his brakes made noise if they got hot, so he asked for help.
rockauto shows premium ceramic pads for front and rear brakes for under $110
and complete kits, with rotors, calipers and pads, for under $420,-$550
so the quoted cost is rather absurd.
it took about 4 hours to completely replace the 4 brake rotors, pads calipers etc.
it was easy to do except the parking e-brakes, brakes in the rear.
it could rather easily have been done in about 2 hours with experience.
it makes you feel like you accomplished something when you install all new rotors brake calipers and pads for almost $1300 less than the dealer quoted

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I was talking to the neighbor lady yesterday and we got on the subject of her car its a newer Jeep Grand Cherokee and she said that the dealer is the only one that does the work on her car because they are the only ones that know how to work on cars after I picked myself off her driveway from laughing so hard I gave her a number to the shop my friend runs but both her and her sister believed the only place to get a car fixed was a dealer


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I need rotors that won’t rust. Does the zinc coating prevent rust. Last year I failed state inspection for rust on the rotors (less than 1,100 miles later) and I failed again with just 1,740 miles since last inspection. I haven’t been able to drive a few of the cars enough and no garage space. With the wife working from home her car stacked on a whopping 2,200 miles this past year. Caddies don’t take well to sitting either. That car has been to the dealer 9 times in 17 months for part failures many due to corrosion. GM actually sent a letter to the dealer asking for inspection looking for possible flood damage evidence not reported to our insurance.