270 win vs 30/06??

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    ok, lets deal in facts
    deer are generally not very difficult to kill,

    most guys I know that use a 270 win load a 150 grain bullet for everything they hunt ,
    (works good on deer and elk)
    as it can generally provide excellent accuracy ,in a decent rifle as can the 30/06 sprg
    the same thing can be said for the 30/06 loaded with 165 grain bullets.(excellent for deer)
    both cartridges can be loaded with those bullet weights to provide velocities in the 2800-fps-3000-fps range.
    (check load data linked below)
    both bullets generally fall close to a .450- .500 ballistic coefficient
    yes if you want to you can find different loads and projectiles.
    yes there are certainly ways to carefully select combos,
    of projectiles and load data to make either the 270 or 30/06 look exceptional,
    but in most cases matching a 150 grain 270 to a 165 grain 30/06 will provide very similar trajectory data.

    the difference in trajectory as far as I've seen with decent hand loads will provide extremely similar trajectories.
    Id strongly suggest sighting in at 3.0-or 3.5" high at 100 yards this provides an excellent trajectory for hunting.
    the differences in trajectory, impact energy, penetration, etc. in my experience in watching guys use both rifle calibers, well...
    Provided high quality projectiles are used,
    any concern over DIFFERENCES in effective results,
    are so minor as to be laughable

    I've used both rifle calibers on mule deer and white tail deer, I've used the 30/06 and 270 win on elk,
    (I've generally used a 150 grain bullet in the 270 win and a 190 or 200 grain in the 30/06 on elk) truthfully I can,t see any really effective difference.
    Id also point out that statistically the VAST majority of big game, in this country, are shot at well, under 300 yards,
    add to that the fact that most hunters can,t consistently place a first shot from a field position,
    in a 6" circle at 400 yards and a difference of even 2" in drop becomes far less critical.





    http://www.handloads.com/loaddata/default.asp?Caliber=30-06 Springfield&Weight=165&type=rifle&Order=Powder&Source=

    270 win
    http://www.handloads.com/loaddata/default.asp?Caliber=270 Winchester&Weight=150&type=rifle&Order=Powder&Source=




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