3rd Annual "Stick It To Me" Event

Discussion in 'donations for site support' started by Indycars, May 23, 2014.

  1. Indycars

    Indycars Administrator Staff Member


    Ok so now that I have your attention ..... down here dumb ass,
    quit looking at her eyes !!!

    It that's time of the year and last time I increased my match by
    $2 for every year, therefore I am matching all donations up $83
    dollars! So don't miss your chance to "Stick It To Me" again. I
    know, you are still thinking about her when you here the words
    "Stick IT", but lets get back to the real subject. Donate to make
    sure this website continues to stay online so you can get real info
    when you need it.

    On Sunday May 25th, I will have enjoyed this website for 4 years.

    Deadline for donations that will be considered for matching is
    11:59 pm on June 6th.

    BTW, even better than a one time donation is to sign up for
    a reoccurring donation on PayPal for just $5-10 per month, more
    info below.


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  2. 87vette81big

    87vette81big Guest

    Ok Rick. Give me till next Friday.
    I will Stick it to Her 1st. Ok ?
  3. Indycars

    Indycars Administrator Staff Member

    Hey don't feel like you have to donate the full amount like you did last time, there
    are others that can help. I would rather see several people give $10-$20 than
    just one or two the full amount.

  4. 87vette81big

    87vette81big Guest

    I am going to try to anyhow Rick.
    Grumpy needs it to keep Our Site Going.
    It may be split in 2 payments .
    This Friday & Next coming Friday.
    Sidejobs local are Zilch.
    I have to take a small Roadtrip in Person to Chi Town.
    See what a few old 5.0 Racer friends are doing.
    I know they are wanting to Drag Race again into the low 8's.
    All want 6's today. New Fast power to compete in Chicago.

    Have a few spare items on Fleabay.
    Should sell.
    Givs me spare $$ to get going earning extra $$$$.

  5. NOT A TA

    NOT A TA reliable source of info

    Done, hopefully i'll be one of several. Didn't see a place to add a message on paypal though.
  6. Indycars

    Indycars Administrator Staff Member

    If you don't mind, it would be helpful to know how much you donated. That
    way I know how much to match. You can send me a PM if you like.

    Thanks NOT A TA !!!



  7. Indycars

    Indycars Administrator Staff Member

    Sorry Brian, looks like you will have to settle with sloppy 2nds, someone
    beat you to it ! :lol:

    Even seconds won't be that bad with her, but the rest of guy, now I don't
    think anyone wants to be 4th or 5th or ....... I'm just saying.

    Reminds of me of somthing I heard today on the radio about a metaphor ....
    then she introduced me to her friend and she was a 10. :p

  8. 87vette81big

    87vette81big Guest

    $$ Is tight this week Rick.
    Paid Bills.
    Might have a Harley Big Twin to Fix for a friend.
    Intermittent engine misfire.
    Possible Carburator or Valvetrain problem .
    Free $$ next Friday for Grumpy.
    No Ebay sales yet.
    Guys still thinking about it.
  9. philly

    philly solid fixture here in the forum

    shot some green across the internets your way grumpy.
  10. grumpyvette

    grumpyvette Administrator Staff Member

    thanks guys !
    any and all financial support of the site is, very much appreciated, and used to offset costs
  11. Indycars

    Indycars Administrator Staff Member

    Don't forget ..... tomorrow at 11:59 pm is the deadline for matching donations!

    So far you guys are letting me off way too easy! :D

  12. DorianL

    DorianL solid fixture here in the forum Staff Member

    I'm in too. But 'will have to hang in there for a few more days…
  13. bytor

    bytor Well-Known Member

    Grumpy, check your in box. $$ heading your way..
  14. 87vette81big

    87vette81big Guest

    Sent something Rick.
    Have more $ next week.
    C4 vette parts doing notta on Ebay.
    Pontiac parts are. Auction up middle of next week.
  15. Indycars

    Indycars Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks everyone for your donations. I will contact Grumpy to see how much
    everyone gave so I can match it, but if he can't tell, then I may contact you
    thru a PM to find out.

  16. Indycars

    Indycars Administrator Staff Member

    Grumpy has informed me off the donations for $95 which exceeded my
    maximum match amount of $83, so a great big thanks to everyone that
    could step up to help and "STICK IT TO ME" !!!!!

    Don't get the idea that Grumpy is getting ahead with the donations received
    this month, because he just paid $107 for this month alone. I'm sure there
    a many months where he falls far behind on the money.

    Don't forget you can put a check in the box at PayPal to make a reoccurring

  17. 87vette81big

    87vette81big Guest

    I will try Rick.
    A Mechanic needs sidejobs for spare spending cash $$$.
    Nothing going on right now.
    All are broke. Seems to be on all car forums.
    All the players are down and out.

    Working on new ideas.
  18. philly

    philly solid fixture here in the forum

    now that you mention it brian i've been in quite a slump lately... i have considered starting to do plasti-dip paint jobs on cars... ive done a couple in the past but next month i think i am going to take the plunge and use my 280zx as a showpiece for the work and try to convince people to let me dip their cars.

    if you want an idea of how the process works and the products that are available check out this page. these guys are in coral springs florida and very knowledgable.

    https://www.youtube.com/user/DipYourCar ... &flow=grid

    heres a job they did on an old chevy truck that took an interesting perspective into the uses of plasti dip as a method of inhibiting rust.


    and heres one where they used plasti dip to bring a fresh factory style paint color onto an old ratty honda civic...

  19. 87vette81big

    87vette81big Guest

    I am putting my 1963 Grand Prix together this summer Phil.
    Drive it this Fall.
    Thinking of fixing a Few Harley Davidson Bikes.
    Engine driveabilty issues & valvetrain problems.
    The Overall Hotrod community is in real bad economic shape.
    The guys doing a lot are mega rich still.
    Its all contolled by one Muslum I call Bam Bam.
    He is a fucken Piece of Shit Phil.
    Traided one Army Deserter that fired back on are own troops in Afeghanstan
    for 5 Head Taliban leaders in Guatimino Prison.
    Bypassed Congress.
    Big time.

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