454 For Torque? Opinions?


So eventually I will build a mild 454 for towing and i'm amassing the parts.

and a block 3999289 with a B-7-73 date code and a 2 bolt.
So in reading the forum, i was thinking 236 heads, 2.19/1.88 valves, bowl blend and long tube headers.

Use the 01915 cam and factory intake and Q-jet?

This would be going into my 1978 C10 -Big 10 with a TH400 and 3.42 gears and 28" tall tires
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no pictures posted?
yeah reworked peanut port heads with larger valves will work ok below about 4500 rpm
but keep in mind you want the compression ratio up near 9.3:1 to maximize torque while still low enough to avoid detonation issues
and yes theres ARE much better heads, but on a limited budget you can get the small peanut oval port heads to work,
but Id point out you may want to price the machine work and valve train components before you go that small peanut oval port heads route, you may find,
if you shop carefully,
aluminum aftermarkets heads, that weight about 100 lbs less, and are far less likely to get into detonation issues,
with much better flow numbers are not a huge increase,
in cash for the benefits gained




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Mark Bradley

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My first thought is the longer the stroke the greater the torque potential.
I bet 496 kits are not so bad today with cast cranks.
I completely agree that “new”aftermarket aluminum heads are a great investment when you look at the cost of equal quality valve job with springs.


The Grumpy Grease Monkey mechanical engineer.
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The Grumpy Grease Monkey mechanical engineer.
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yeah I KNOW all too well...almost every mod you make will take longer to do, require more skill and tools,
Than we wish it did!
and accumulating good quality parts is more expensive, and takes more research than we would all like it to!
thats why doing the research, reading threads on this and similar web sites, and asking precise,
detailed, questions if you have to,
BEFORE you open your wallet, is critical to getting good results.
why having an exceptionally fast and dependable car that looks good,
and has few problems, is rather rare and so hard to accomplish!:D

but its also why asking those detailed questions and joining a web site ,
with experienced member willing to give solid advice is so valuable,:D

and WHY DOING THE RESEARCH can save you years of wasted effort and save thousands of wasted dollars,
you might have spent otherwise:rolleyes::oops:
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