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    Ive never understood the guys that pick up all the magazines that are almost entirely devoted to either drag racing,
    or making your car look like its ready for show & shine competition,
    to make the mods on their cars but spend little or no time reading the magazines,
    devoted to road racing or stock cars.

    I'm also amazed at the number of people obsessed with making more engine power ,
    who put little or no effort into understanding and improving and upgrading the tires,
    upgrading the suspension, brakes and matching the drive train gearing, and component strength, to the engines power curve and rpm limits
    the road race guys, devote a great deal of time in sorting out suspensions and tires,
    and getting roll cages and shocks to let the frame and suspension,
    and tires to allow the most power transfer possible.

    http://www.circletrack.com/chassistech/ ... w_and_why/

    http://www.circletrack.com/chassistech/ ... _race_car/





    http://www.circletrack.com/chassistech/ ... ur_shocks/

    http://www.circletrack.com/chassistech/ ... they_work/

    http://www.circletrack.com/chassistech/ ... tallation/
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    if you have a chevelle style rear suspension, ANTI HOP BARS and AIR BAG springs can be used to significantly improve traction, obviously a bit of research before ordering any parts and careful measurement helps, as does reading instructions before you start the installation process.
    now if youve done a custom rear suspension, have a good 180ampto--250 amp welder and access to what you need to fabricate custom brackets and can fabricate parts you obviously have an advantage over the guys that are limited to off the shelf components

    http://static.summitracing.com/global/i ... or64-8.pdf

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