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if youve been to the local salvage yards lately youll soon see that finding a basic old school BBC , pontiac, buick, caddy, chrysler or even a decent SBC,
is going to be a challenge compared to finding the newer LS series engines in most wrecked cars
now the newer LS series engines are a bit more difficult to work with as they requires a knowledge,
of more wiring and sensors, and while its certainly possible,
to revert to a carburetor intake , the basic engine architecture,
is a bit intimidating to some of the older guys,
if they grew up in the muscle-car era working on your rather typical muscle car ,
ford, buick, pontiac, chrysler,olds, chevy and caddy V8 engines










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LS engines are only inexpensive if you run them bone stock.
Swap to LS3 heads & intake with a cam swap.
Turbo 76 mm. Blows it blows is common mentality with them drag racing.
Has to be Pro EFI tuned. Impossible to do anything without HP Tuners. $900 for it. tune 3 engines. Other option is aftermarket EFI. Going to cost. Good is $5,000 Accel DFI.

1999 was the last year of the SBC. Vortech 5.7 350.
What I drive daily now during the winter & bad weather my 1999 Chevy Tahoe 4x4.

The only easily found low cost Old school V8 left is the Oldsmobile 455 .
10 to 1 ratio Vs BBC .
Pontiac 455 is rare now Grumpy. Glad I bought my 3 good cores while I had the chance.