Anybody Remember the Mickey Thompson Super Scavenger Headers

Discussion in 'Exhaust and Mufflers' started by grumpyvette, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. grumpyvette

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    Anybody Remember the Mickey Thompson Super Scavenger Headers!
    Now I,m reasonably sure the main idea was more towards ease of manufacture and low cost, than any effort at making a true race header and the squared off , overly long collectors were not well received , by the public if my memories are good.
    the basic idea was that each primary tube could be cut to the same length ,but not necessarily end at the same point in the collector, this allowed you to use the slightly rectangular tube that functioned as a collector to enclose the ends and even if each header primary tube ended at a different point in the collector it still made welding the header fairly easy.
    now the strange thing is that these headers actually DID run rather well
    (better than many people would believe in fact)
    and in fact allowed the engines to produce very good hp,

    I remember my 1965 LEMANS that Id installed a 496 BIG BLOCK CHEVY engine in, ran rather well with those headers.
    related thread

    I came across a very old set that had obviously been sitting neglected for decades in the back of a garage,I purchased them at a local yard sale,
    (this is a picture I found on the internet of similar headers)
    I picked those yard sale headers up for $10 just to clean up and hang on the shop wall as a decoration after I bead blast and repaint them of course


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  2. 87vette81big

    87vette81big Guest

    Re: Anybody Remember the Mickey Thompson Super Scavenger Hea

    I never have seen headers like those Grumpy.
    Super rare today.
    I would hang onto the Mickey Thompson Super Scavenger Headers too.
    If you ever sell, might bring several hundred $ on ebay.
  3. Indycars

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    Re: Anybody Remember the Mickey Thompson Super Scavenger Hea

    Don't remember those at all, what year did they come out???

    Maybe it was before my time! :)

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  4. grumpyvette

    grumpyvette Administrator Staff Member

    Re: Anybody Remember the Mickey Thompson Super Scavenger Hea

    they were semi-popular in some circles in about 1965-73 if I remember correctly.
    Im not 100% sure of the dates but I remember having used them on my 1967 firebird, 1965 GTO/lemans clone (the GTO used chevelle BBC headers) and a couple other cars at the time.
    we found they were both cheaper and more effective than the headman headers at the time, and for some reason they seemed to produce a wider torque curve which was noticeably more effective, in the mid and upper rpm range allowing my 1967 fire bird and my 1965 lemans with a high compression big block chevy 496 to run better than most of my friends cars did. plus they sounded really nice.


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  5. TexasT

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    Re: Anybody Remember the Mickey Thompson Super Scavenger Hea

    This style header is quite popular in Buick circles. So popular in fact that one of the national clubs has done several runs of reproduction of this style for the BBB.

    I think they sound great.
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  6. Eddy Lett

    Eddy Lett New Member

    I have some ,Mickey/Thompson super scavenger Headers.
    Bought them in 1989 ,I have (ten set) n.o.s. In the original box,with part # .
    One set I have in my basement are for 1961/64 Pontiac (GTO) part#202-14.
    I don't know the price to ask?any help would be appreciated.
    On the boxes it says Holley/Mickey/Thompson.
    I will post the part# of the others Headers .
  7. Grumpy

    Grumpy The Grumpy Grease Monkey mechanical engineer. Staff Member

    why not post the part numbers you have available, and a few clear pictures, of the headers from several angles, and the asking price, in the swap shop

    yeah! when they get up into the effective scavenging rpm range,
    (usually just over about 5000rpm, And IF you have a high compression ratio, and use a matching tight LSA cam that allows them to scavenge efficiently)
    its not unusually to hear a distinct almost metallic ring from them, and you can feel the engine seem to start pulling a tiny bit better
  8. 87vette81big

    87vette81big Guest

    Pontiac V8 power is still red hot.
    I have done very well selling on ebay.
    Ultra rare I usually start at $500-750.00.
    And with a Reserve price.

    Unknown value but you know its obscure rare because very few around to compare past sale prices I start off at $.01 penny to .99 cents. No Reserve.

    Best time to sell Pontiac parts is now.
    Guys have extra $$$$$.
    A few thousand to $10,000 cash.
    Pontiac Diehard guys like me are not Tightwads MOFOS.
  9. 87vette81big

    87vette81big Guest

    The Pontiac Mickey Thompson headers are worth at least $500 a pair.
    Light surface rust Ok.
    Just no rot out.
    Light dings ok too.
    Hammer marks a big turn off.

    May bring up to $2000.00 cash a pair.
    Hard to say.
    Definitely Very Rare the Several sets of GTO Pontiac V8 Mickey Thompson Headers.
  10. NOT A TA

    NOT A TA reliable source of info

    I remember those headers. I thought they looked kinda "funny" when I first saw them. No personal experience with them though. I'll bet you'd get pretty good money on Ebay for them. If you do sell them there put one set up every once in a while. If you put them all up one after another prices will drop as demand is filled too quickly. Don't tell how many sets you have and edit the quantity out of your post here or it'll come up in peoples Google searches. If you remove the quantity I'll remove my mention of it in this post.
  11. chromebumpers

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    I had a set of those back in 2002. I remember because it was the very first thing I sold on that new fangled site called "Craig's List." I kept relisting them every few days just to keep the ad at the top. I got $150 in about 6 weeks. They were on one of those Boss V8 bikes. A 350 sbc engine motorcycle, crazy. The owner flipped the bike over a curb when not making a left turn so he parted out everything and I got the headers for $75.
  12. Eddy Lett

    Eddy Lett New Member

    This set of Holley Mickey Thompson,part # 202-36 are for chevrolet pass,1958/1964
    Eng,396 and 454,
    Thanks you all for your input,am gona try eBay.
  13. Eddy Lett

    Eddy Lett New Member

  14. Darren Buchholz

    Darren Buchholz New Member

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  15. Grumpy

    Grumpy The Grumpy Grease Monkey mechanical engineer. Staff Member

    while most newer guys may look at those headers and collector design as just a fast & cheap way to manufacture headers,
    I found that they worked surprisingly well. and while they may not be cutting edge technology they were very effective and AFFORDABLE!
    I hope your friend prices them where they are still a bargain
  16. dawsonc

    dawsonc Member

    Had them on my Nova. They had a distinct pinging sound to them.
  17. Grumpy

    Grumpy The Grumpy Grease Monkey mechanical engineer. Staff Member

    yes they did! you could both feel and hear the engine sound change rather dramatically , and the engine power curve responded, almost sing, as it reached around 5500 rpm in my lemans.
    obviously compression, displacement, cam timing and gearing ETC. would effect the exact power band where the header scavenging effect kicked in noticeably, which looked a great deal like a clone of this car picture I found posted

  18. Tim Lingerfelt

    Tim Lingerfelt New Member

    Anyone still interested in Mickey Thompson headers ( SS super scavengers ) ? I just completed my fist stainless steel set after finishing a mild steel set. 427 chev ( mild steel ) and 302 chev ( stainless steel ). I have kept an original set for 35 years and I have put a small fortune into duplicating the sound. It's unlike anything else in the world ! If your responding then you know what I mean. Iwill purchase and originals for further research ie; other models. Thanks
  19. Grumpy

    Grumpy The Grumpy Grease Monkey mechanical engineer. Staff Member

    Tims correct the performance was good and the sound was unique, when you hit the effective scavenging power band, they almost rang like a bell.
  20. Maniacmechanic1

    Maniacmechanic1 solid fixture here in the forum

    Like to have a set for a Pontiac V8.
    Chevy Big Block too.

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