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  1. Hap

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    Passing on / seeking information on who actually makes Centerforce Dual Force and CFII model clutches. Recently discovered this by accident.
    Maybe this was already discussed, but am hoping someone could share their knowledge or experience on this.

    Was preparing to install a new Centerforce Dual Force clutch set; CF model number DF161675.
    While cleaning the pressure plate face with brakleen, some of it dripped onto the orange paint on the cover. The paint CF uses is the cheapest rattle can crap and will flake or wipe off with almost any solvent!
    This got me paranoid about the paint chipping off and possibly getting stuck between the disc, so decided to remove the paint and discovered the pressure plate is made by Valeo; and manufactured in Korea.
    The Valeo part number etched onto the pressure plate is GMC-35/279270. See the first photo.
    Did a web search for this specific Valeo part with little results. But did find that Valeo did make a similar Dual Force clutch (PN 72672201), however it is NLA.

    Centerforce website has no information on where or who manufacturers their clutches, only they have a new "manufacturing" facility in Arizona. Always thought Centerforce products were made in the USA.

    Now that I know these CF clutches are made overseas by a third party, am contemplating using it.

    Talked to a buddy who has more experience with street / strip clutches, and he recommended either a Hayes or Ram powergrip HD set up, as the CF clutches he's installed were hit /miss.
    Coincidentally he had an older CF II pressure plate that a customer returned. Picked it up and stripped the paint; no part number, however there was a Valeo log etched that was covered up by the Centerforce sticker.

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  2. Grumpy

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    thanks for the info & pictures
    I,ve generally used ZOOM or HAYS
    I would NOT automatically assume that parts imported from,
    south korea are junk, they might be better quality than you expect,
    but I would certainly be aware that they are import parts,
    and may not be SFI rated for high rpm performance use.

    but who knows if ZOOM or HAYS are doing something similar with import parts or assembly's
    I generally look for a local shop and have the parts,
    especially pressure plates built the way I want them with extra springs
    as with most threads, on this web-site,the vast majority of the infos contained in links and sub-links in the thread

    AN SFI RATED BILLET STEEL FLYWHEEL IN ABOUT A 30 LB-35 LB weight is about the best choice in my experience for a street / strip car that weights over 3200 lbs, AND I CERTAINLY PREFER THE BORG AND BECK STYLE PRESSURE PLATE






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  3. Hap

    Hap New Member

    Thanks Grumpy for the information.
    I don't have lots of experience with street strip clutches, but used Ram and Hays in drag car applications that used a single disc long style B&B set up with good results.
    Interesting Centerforce and Ram uses the SAME imported pressure plate for their street clutch.

    BTW the street car project that this clutch is for has an Ram SFI billet steel flywheel and Lakewood blowproof bellhousing.
    The owner drives his cars hard, so having all the clutch and drivetrain safety stuff is common sense.

    Have read your clutch information thread many times too.

    Thanks again!

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