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    in many cases they will require you install a trans cooler of a certain BTU and line size capacity,and require use a transmission fluid line filter.
    and use a certain type of transmission fluid. and pre-flush out the old transmission cooler lines
    they may mandate its installed by a professional transmission shop or dealership knowing this,
    will almost certainly not be done thus voiding the warranty

    you should be aware that the old used torque converter and usually the trans cooler lines are very likely to be contaminated from the previous,
    transmission failure.

    Id also point out that many manufactures use a special proprietary heat sensitive paint,
    that will change color if the trans fluid reaches a certain temperature,
    (usually about 190F)
    voiding your waranty
    that,s the reason your replacing the transmission,
    with the new one you bought,
    and they will mandate use a new or carefully re-conditioned torque converter approved by them
    (frequently mandating you buy it from them.etc.) and failure to correctly adjust the tv cable will rapidly (in minutes) destroy a transmission

    related info

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