Coil Suspension Spring Compressor

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    Well on lots of cars the suspension springs require a spring compressor to access or replace parts, professional tools can easily cost $500-$1000 or more,making owning one prohibitively expensive,
    The best compressor for the job - or even one that will work - is dependent on what vehicle you are working on and the accessibility to the components which can differ a great deal
    you can borrow a cheap manual dual screw clamp, suspension spring compressor from auto zone or some other auto parts stores in many places ,if you leave a security deposit
    the cheap tool most places have, looks like this pair of clamps and while it can get the job done in most cases its a real P.I.T.A. to use or get access
    these are better than the hf, in my opinion

    tools like this one pictured below are still reasonably priced but only a bit better and easier to use

    about the least expensive option that Ive used that worked reasonably well, is
    above, this set pictured above , that I borrowed from a neighbor,
    I got the job done with some difficulty,
    but after that experience, I started looking for a much better option,s

    if you're going to do the job every few months, or just want the job to be much easier
    get something a bit more substantial it costs about $100 plus shipping but its a much better option in my opinion and still not near the cost of the pro-level tools


    decent pro tools cost $800-$1200
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    Autozone rents tools and when you take them back they give you all your money back.
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    Yes they do.. the problem to weigh in on is that you have to ask yourself, how many times will you use it, the cost of gas and the time it takes to drive there and back can add up quick. I have rented that balancer installer quite a few times now. Here I am finding that I need to use it again! I am just going to purchase it and keep it in my cabinet this time.

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