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    Felt rifle recoil is not always, simply a mater of stock fit,
    cartridge used and the rifles weight, yes theres calculators that can be used to simplify the related math
    but theres other factors like the proper use of a sling and the position your in when firing a rifle, that can make a huge difference in perceived recoil.




    one example is my buddies 338 savage bolt action.
    HE PURCHASED A 1.25INCH thick recoil pad
    I remember one rifle very well,RONS 338 win, he even bought a thick recoil pad as he thought it might require one for him to tolerate the recoil, even carefully installed it himself, then used his belt sander to carefully fit it to his stock contour...what he FAILED to notice during the process was that the TIP of the detachable screw driver he used (SEE RED ARROW) had remained fully embedded inside the recoil pad when he had tightened the upper retaining screw in the recoil pad with the easily foreseeable result being that the small phillips, screw driver bit was always perfectly lined up with his shoulder so after 3 shots his shoulder was really badly bruised , he asked me to try the rifle, after a single shot I looked at the pad and FOUND THE GUILTY PARTY, and we still joke about that little over-site!
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    when I wrote about this little screw-up I thought it was a rather unique problem.
    well I turns out that RON, was not the only person to screw up installing a thick recoil reduction pad on a heavy caliber rifle .
    It seems that Jack was at a rifle range up in the Orlando area and some guy was swearing his newly purchased 458 win,
    was kicking the crap out of his shoulder and offered to sell it to JACK for $700 which was a very low price,
    so jack went to the local ATM, to get what he could and wrote the guy a check for the balance owed and as a result he purchased,
    a nearly new remington 458 win , for what was effectively dirt cheap!
    the next trip to the range Jack fired one shot and knew something was seriously wrong as Jack has owned several 458 win rifles!
    a little inspection time and he located the same problem, source, and after removing the small phillips screw driver tip he said ,
    it totally transformed the rifle and he had to laugh at the issue as he remembered me talking about that a decade earlier
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    I just got back from a local range today, I took a neighbor that only owned and previously shot an AR15, I took my 450 marlin BLR, and he was almost totally convinced,
    that shooting a large bore rifle like that would result in recoil levels that would require reconstructive surgery after it knocked him into next week!
    after watching me closely and, seeing me consistently shoot 1" 50 yard groups off the bench rest and play knocking rocks off the back stop berm, shooting off hand,
    , having him slip in my shooting vest with its sewn in PAST recoil pad in the shoulder he decided to try "one shot"
    I on purpose pretended to load the BLR in 450 marlin and let him squeeze off "the first shot" on an empty chamber.... yeah, he made a fool of himself when the rifle just clicked.
    I pretended to load a second round, with similar results, then I showed him again carefully how to use the sling and hold the rifle, with a live cartridge, he had to admit the recoil was easily manageable.
    after he became less apprehensive, he did reasonably well, and could hit a coke can at 50 yards shooting off hand......he even seemed to enjoy the experience, after a few shots.
    I load 50 grains of IMR3031 under a 405 remington bullet, thats good for about 1870 fps, and I know for a fact its deadly on deer and elk.
    I may or may not have a larger bore rifle convert, but at least hes more knowledgable and less inclined to think all big bore rifles will kick your a$$ with excessive recoil.
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