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I am doing my first Engine build and have been researching for months on parts for the engine, as far as what setup will work together. I’ve gotten bits and pieces from all sorts of forums and sites but never a combo that I’ve felt confident in spending 4K plus on yet.
Working from a bare genV 454 block, came out of a 92-93 suburban. Going into an early 70s Nova. I want drive it like you stole it, street rod, tire peeling performance. I almost considered using the stock peanut ports for the torque but I don’t want it falling off at 4000. Like to keep the CR to no more than 10.5 if I can help it.
Transmission I’ve not committed to yet, or rear end set up, wouldn’t mind suggestions on those though
I read a set up from a gentleman that I thought looked somewhat appropriate because of the heads I may go with
-Brodix BRO-2061000 heads
-Edelbrock Performer RPM air-gap 7561 intake
-Holley 4150 Classic 0-80531
Still haven’t figured out where to go with cam and rotating assembly. I e been leaning towards doing a 489 with the .030 over, 4.25 stroke, and 6.385 rods.

None of this is concrete except for the block. I just need help deciding on a confident setup that I’m going to be happy with. Like I said it’s my very first engine build.

that sounds like it could potentially be a great project
the brodix heads you listed will work ok,
especially if you use decent full length headers .
and a 3" exhaust with an X-pipe and low flow restriction mufflers
you could easily have a 10 second car with a similar combo,
and we will be happy to help provide info that may help
there are better heads but the cost is higher
those heads list as a 118cc combustion chamber
that would put this ( linked below)SCAT rotating assembly near 10.2:1
Id be looking for a hydraulic roller cam in the 233-238 duration at .050 lift
why not call a few cam companys
similar too this and Id select a manual 4 speed as its lighter weight and durable,
or a th400 with a 3000 rpm stall speed and a ford 9" or dana 60 rear differential with a 3.73:1-3.90:1 rear gears

related info (keep in mind sub links hold a ton of added info)

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