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    image.jpg This is a brand new, never opened Welder's jacket in XX Large exactly as you see it in the pictures. Save your shirts from getting ruined. This is a light weight jacket that won't over heat you. Has heavy duty snaps and is safety rated. I will ship this to you free of any charges for a $60 donation to this site. Shipping will be on the same day donation is made and guaranteed to be defect free except for Saturday, Sunday's and Holidays when the PO is closed. Canadian members are included.

    Fellow members, my offer is exclusive to helping with donations. The items and or services I offer is not meant to be of equal value to your donation but rather as a gift to you for your help to defray some costs Grumpy bares to bring us solicitation free help, archive space and open dialog. This concept is not by any means new, PBS has been doing this to pay for commercial free, educational TV for over 40 years only instead of a cookbook I'm sending you something you can use.
    Look for more ideas to come, thank you for your donation.

    Any questions?

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