got a dipstick clearance issue to solve


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these guys sell flexiable dipstick assemblies FOR BOTH ENGINES OR TRANSMISSION DIP STICKS that can be used to allow easy access and clearance in most cases

example but not limited too...

Call Toll Free 1-877-469-7440 for more information.

Part Numbers

ED-5000ESB Hi-Tech Engine Dipstick/Small Block Chevy 1979 earlier No Tube
ED-5001 Flexible Engine Dipstick SB Chevy 1980 & later
ED-5002 Flexible Engine Dipstick SB Chevy 1979 & earlier
ED-5007 Flexible Engine Dipstick Chevy II 62-67 V-8 283/327 Front Sump
ED-5008 Flexible Engine Dipstick LS1 1997 & later
ED-5009 Flexible Engine Dipstick Ramjet/Small Block Chevy GM Vortec
ED-5003 Flexible Engine Dipstick Chevy Big Block
ED-5006 Flexible Engine Dipstick 502 Big Block Chevy

ED-5004 Flexible Engine Dipstick 302 Ford 1986 to 1995 5.0
ED-5005 Flexible Engine Dipstick 351 Ford Screw into Pan Style
ED-5010 Flexible Engine Dipstick Early Ford 289-302
ED-5011 Flexible Engine Dipstick Big Block Ford 460 and 514 Crate Only
ED-5012 Flexible Engine Dipstick FE Ford
ED-5013 Flexible Engine Dipstick 302 Ford
ED-5014 Flexible Engine Dipstick 4.6 Modular Ford, 2 Valve, 1994 and later
ED-5016 Flexible Engine Dipstick Ford Flathead V8 1937 - 1953

ED-5015 Flexible Engine Dipstick 5.7 Chrysler Hemi
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Quick question please:
Is there an easy way to remove a dip stick tube from the block of a SBC without ruining it.
It comes up between the hedders blocking engine removal .
Hedders loose and clear of Engine but dipstick blocking lifting.
Anyone had this problem?
Thanks for your input.

In many engines the dipstick tube is difficult to remove,if its been installed for years,
repeating of heating the tube with a propane torch then cooling with penetrating oil spray works in many cases
in many cases, you can use freeze spray like in the link below to loosen a dipstick tube in a block,
and a small set of vice grips to rotate the tube and freeze spray to thermally shock and cause the dipstick tube to contract in outside dimensions enough to be pulled out,
in stubborn cases you'll need too drain the oil and use a 15-20 second spray down through the dipstick tube to get it to contract enough to come easy loose