How Many Guys Watch The Show, Fantom Works?

Discussion in 'General Muscle Car Related Info' started by Grumpy, Jun 20, 2021.

  1. Grumpy

    Grumpy The Grumpy Grease Monkey mechanical engineer. Staff Member

    I have spent time watching this show..
    I enjoy learning new skills and watching the show
    occasionally gives you info and tips you can use!

    and I can't help feeling that the cost to do much of the work shown,
    on this and similar tv programs, that are
    being done, is ignored or glossed over,
    or seldom mentioned and, Im sure the hourly rates are insanely high,
    what takes minutes on the show takes weeks to do in reality
    or at least it seems like everything goes,
    both reasonably smoothly and the cost is reasonable,
    but Im sure the true prices charged,make just buying a new car look cheap,
    the time and cost is usually far higher than it looks in reality.
    well having been involved in many similar car restorations I can absolutely say,
    any and almost all, car restoration is INVERITABLY more time intensive and ALWAYS cost 3-5 times what you may have initially expected it to if you do the job correctly,
    when they show the front of the business ,
    ID bet most of the cars for sale out front are projects,
    that resulted in the original car owner forfeiting the car,
    due to the invoice price on the work snow balling up too insane cost levels

    I used to watch some similar shows like
    wheeler dealers,(until ed china left)
    counting cars
    car masters
    fast and loud
    Rust Valley Restorers
    monster garage

    most if not all are rather unrealistic at best
    and all of them make the process of restoration look absurdly fast and easy

    do you guys watch similar shows and wonder how they gloss over,
    the fact that it might take a year or more ,
    and several guys with tens of thousands of dollars in tools,
    and $30K-$50K in parts and labor costs,
    to do what they do to get a car to be in pristine condition,
    thats ignoring the fact most of us have limited skills, knowledge and work space, let alone the required tools,

    I consider myself blessed in that I have acquired close to $60 k in tools,
    ,and rather extensive experience, and over decades I planned, saved for and eventually acquired and a 2700 sq ft shop,
    but its taken me decades to do that!
    I'm 74 and I never had a car lift, or a mill or a decent mig welder,
    until about 20 years ago and it took decades of time to plan and save to accomplish that.
    one reason I built this web site is to help other people , gain skills and knowledge that otherwise might be hard to acquire, and I know how frustrating a lack of skill and knowledge can be and,
    how some people seem to like the idea that they are not about to let other people know how to do things they know how to do!
    well I want to help other people every chance I get!
    I can't understand why anyone would not want to help out others
    and help them gain skill and help them skip over problems,
    if you have the chance to do so?

    I was quoted over $9K to wire my shop correctly,
    the materials used cost under $3.5K and it took less than two weeks to do the job, so passing on info like that helps people,

    It cost me about 127K to build my shop 20 years ago, at the time I was quoted significantly more and the contractors wanted to do the job with significantly lower quality materials, I was told by the county inspectors that built the way it is currently,
    It would have cost me at least $250 k to build in their estimation even back then.(again why not pass on any tips that help others??)
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  2. chromebumpers

    chromebumpers solid fixture here in the forum Staff Member

    I know a few things about Dream Works Garage on a first hand basis. I was there for a second time this past February and it’s still a strange as ever.
    I was first there about 6 years. This time was about the same. When they don’t want to answer your questions they totally ignore you.
    I think most of what they show on TV is made up customers. They have the very same cars for sale and those they worked on for years still sitting there.
    In February they had the 1970 Chrysler Special Edition 300 they made a show around 5 yrs back, ‘40’s Volvo, several 1st gen Camaros, a Cobra, 2 Fastback Mustangs, his wife’s Camaro, the old mail truck Jeep, the Amphicar, the White Opal Cadet and the Pizza guy’s fathers Red vette. There were others behind the woodshop building and the warehouse down the block.
    Now I ask you, why are there over a dozen cars and more trucks that should be with the owners we saw on TV years ago? They don’t even make an attempt to hide any of these cars! Hell! That lowered Red Volkswagen Beetle owned by some enlisted guy that was unhappy (that’s from the first season!). Well, it’s there with the heavily modified Cobra with faux machine guns in the hood, they sit next to the ‘50’s Cafe.

    When they first started on TV their scale was $75/hr. Labor. Somethings more but seemed fair at that price. This Feb they are up to $135/hr. And their contracts are long and laborious with no considerations for the owners. All disputes are heard by arbitration in Norfolk, VA. That girl you see that seems to be Rick’s assistant, she’s the company’s Official COO.
    The guys you see on TV are typically not there. They all travel on the road to Car shows, SEMA events, celebrity appearances at auto parts stores, grand openings and race tracks. Three of the usual eight mechanics you see have their own shops but come on the show because the regular help can’t pass the screen test or the legal guys from the show’s producer can’t allow them on camera.
  3. Grumpy

    Grumpy The Grumpy Grease Monkey mechanical engineer. Staff Member

    I watched several of the FANTOM WORKS shows yesterday,
    and Im amazed at the builds and the cost and time it showed, build costs near $70K-$100K
    and taking 1-2 YEARS ,
    have me shaking my head and wondering where,
    any normal guy comes up with that kind of disposable cash flow,
    and wondering why any sane person dumps wheelbarrows of cash,
    into restoring what in some cases are old ,odd slow, uncomfortable ,cars
    that you could never sell and get back 1/5th of the cost they spent to restore them.
    beauty may be in the eye of the beholder...
    but its obvious.. at least to my way of thinking...
    some people have far more money than brains
  4. chromebumpers

    chromebumpers solid fixture here in the forum Staff Member

    I wondered exactly the same since this Reality TV all began. I guess it’s like all the people who spend $100,000 or more on a wedding.

    Did you pay close attention to all the cars in the background? How ALL the cars from season 1 and 2 are all there on lifts or parked in the background while you are watching season 9 shows?
  5. Grumpy

    Grumpy The Grumpy Grease Monkey mechanical engineer. Staff Member

    yeah, the cars out front for sale,
    are most likely project cars that were confiscated, by the shop under leans,
    because the owners could never afford the parts & labor charges
  6. Unforgiven

    Unforgiven solid fixture here in the forum

    I personally hate that Fantom Works show.. That guy is way to arrogant, and has more drama issues than most women.
    He is always pissed off even about simple stuff.

    I do like Bitchin Rides though....Although the average guy could not afford to be a customer.. I looked into his costs on a resto, and
    his minimum start point is $250,000 with a 2 year waiting list. o_O :eek:

    His crew is awesome, and he seems to interact well with them.. I liked the series where they had a hands on real life situation for
    a group of people they wanted to hire, but only one would get the spot.

    I could relate to that type of interview.....I had to go through 120 hours of testing for a contract job I landed at a nuclear facility
    here in Michigan about 13-14 years ago..

    But.. I do agree that all of the shows are made for TV ....

    My all time favorite show is ROADKILL and it's off shoot shows.. They seem to be in line with the average guy...
    Engine Masters is a great educational show Too.
  7. Thunderbolt

    Thunderbolt Well-Known Member

    Yes, Roadkill, Engine Masters, Dirt Every Day are good, but Motortrend cut of Europe this week, so we cant watch any more, really mad about that :mad::mad::mad:
  8. Unforgiven

    Unforgiven solid fixture here in the forum

    I am seeing a trend toward networks going to APP'S. For I think $3 a month you can get the Motor trend streaming app.
    I am waiting for them to cancel the network here also..
  9. chromebumpers

    chromebumpers solid fixture here in the forum Staff Member

    I can’t stand those 30 minute shows on Saturday mornings. Shows like “Truck U” are more like a couple bad comedians constantly doing soda blasting commercials for most of the show. The same producers for “All Girls Garage” there’s no redeeming value to that show either other than the Gothic girl - If that’s what you’re into?
    And what about all the Texas garages? All they do is lower the suspension on EVERYTHING, that’s the entire content of every show - They take a great car or truck and booger it so badly!
    In my opinion there’s only a few shows that really show any substance. The Wheeler Dealer show with Mike and Ant, Graveyard Carz and Ian Rousseau of Full Customs Garage - oh and the Guild of Automotive Restorers for the show Restoration Garage (in Canada). The owner David Granger has got to be the most unusual character, he has to to be real!
  10. Thunderbolt

    Thunderbolt Well-Known Member

    Not sure if this was directed to me, but,
    I have the APP, Motortrend cut Europe off.

    I totaly agree with chromebumpers about Motortrend.
  11. Loves302Chevy

    Loves302Chevy "One test is worth a thousand expert opinions."

    Seems like all of these shows are good in their first seasons only. Then they get stupid.
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  12. Unforgiven

    Unforgiven solid fixture here in the forum

    Yes it was... nothing derogative though... Just did not know if you knew about it.. I wonder why they cut Europe off?
    Yes I agree with Chromebumbers also.

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