how many of you ladys and gentlemen have taken the time to get your concealed carry licence?

Discussion in 'handgun related' started by Grumpy, Mar 7, 2018.

  1. Grumpy

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    I have made damn sure both my sons and wife all went through both the states hunter safety course to get their hunter safety certificates,and concealed carry licence classes and have the CCW permits.
    all the adults in my family are familiar with the safe use of firearms.
    I made darn sure my sons had good familiarity with firearms well before they were 7-8 years old and had passed those state required licence course's as soon as they were allowed too.
    Id also strongly suggest owning a high quality safe for storing and weapons your not manually and daily carrying, as you don,t want to be a contributing factor in anyone who is un-authorized gaining access to any weapons you own, or doing something stupid with them if they got access.

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