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    heres a link on cabelas site, now you might or might not be a big believer in how effective camo can be, but I find it rather odd that by far the vast majority of all camo color patterns currently offered are basically brown.
    http://www.cabelas.com/product/Camo-Pat ... 532044.uts

    yes theres a few exceptions, but the predominantly grey/green/tan camo that Ive found effective for decades, is obviously no longer in style.

    below is a shirt in KONIFER CAMO, which is in my experience the best Ive ever used , it certainly seems to work great in the areas I hunt.
    all you need to do is have someone wearing this camo stand next to the typical brush and back ground to see how effective it is compared to most of the current basically brown camo which does nearly nothing in that particular back ground to make you difficult to see, compared to the konifer design that dose effectively ,make you difficult to see?
    Ive had consistently better results wearing good camo, so even if exact color used, has less effect than I think , the pattern used and contrast in shades between areas in the pattern seems to matter.


    Im a firm believer in use of good camo,Ive sat in dozens of places with and without it in the area I hunt, and had much better results when wearing good camo.
    IT "works" because IVE had elk and mule deer grazing within 20 yards of me on numerous occasions when I sat quietly down wind, now camo may not make you invisible to game but the broken pattern of light and dark background shades can help you be less obvious, to game.
    I know from years of experience that good camo,watching the wind currents, not moving anyplace in a hurry and staying in the shadows when you can helps, but to those guys that think camo is worthless I have on numerous times amazed members of our hunt club who observed game passing by my location undisturbed by my presents, while they got picked out and caused game to go on alert.
    good camos not fool proof but it can give you an advantage at times, it won,t make you invisible, it won,t let you move around without being detected, what it will do is allow you to remain UN-detected in some cases for a bit longer and that can be an advantage, Ive had deer on two occasions, walk up to within 10 feet of me staring and repeatedly stamp their hoofs and snort trying to decide what I was or if I was a threat. .I doubt camo makes much difference if you normally shoot game from over 100 yards but at archery ranges Im convinced its useful
    [color:#009900]btw if you don,t care to buy new hunting clothes a couple packs of these does a great job, I use them.[/color]
    http://www.turkeyhuntingsecrets.com/sto ... d-leaf.htm

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