Just A Bit Of Observed Info On A Pontiac Intake


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one of the local guys has a 1957 chevy truck, hes installed a 455 Pontiac engine with a stroker kit, into,that truck,
the engine has been built over 12 years ago, with 10:1 compression pistons,
he has a 4.5" stroker crank assembly similar to this
a 600 cfm holley carb,stock exhaust manifolds and a rather restrictive 2.5" dual exhaust.
a crane flat tappet cam, # 283521 and basically stock heads with 12 year old aftermarket valve springs,
with a th400 and 3.54:1 rear gears, hes got an aftermarket stall converter,
but I don,t know anything about that converter specs.
I think he has several tuning issues but he does not want to look into those currently,
personally I know the engines not putting out nearly what the combos potentially able too!
I strongly suspect several tuning issues and perhaps a well worn cam,
but he refused to investigate that possibility.

anyway..he over tightens an intake stud and it not only cracked the OEM cast iron intake manifold carb base,
but he cracked it further into the cast iron intakes plenum.
he asked me if I had a spare Pontiac intake, and I did not,
but I suggested he buy the linked intake.
he did, and now he's thrilled,
as before he could get about 20-30 feet of black tire burn marks on dry pavement,
from a standing still launch.
now he swears hes getting 70-80 ft of dark black tire marks effortlessly and the intakes the only change made.
while hardly a scientific measurement,
its at least obviously a gain in engine power applied to the pavement
I suggested he buy headers and upgrade to a 3" dual exhaust



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