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    Looking to make a 72 big block coupe correct. Here are some more questions:

    There is a chrome escutcheon around the lock cylinder for the alarm on this car. I have never seen one before. Every 72 I have seen has the alarm lock cylinder attached directly to the fiberglass. Is that escutcheon correct? Could it be a dealer installed option?

    On the front grill where the lower part attaches to the car, the one on the car has threaded rods that are attached to the grill and attach to the car with speed nuts. The exposed part of the grill is smooth with no holes. My research shows that the grills on these cars have holes in the lower part of the chrome, and a bolt goes through the hole for attachment to the car. Which is correct?

    This car has deluxe interior. There is wood grain on the door panels and upper dash, but there is no wood grain around the shifter plate. Are 72’s with deluxe interior supposed to have wood grain on the shifter plate?

    Thanks in advance for any help on these issues. :D
  2. grumpyvette

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    that chrome Etruscan ring on the key lock,switch could easily be a dealer added option.
    I have seen several corvettes with those locks and some but not all have that chrome ring installed, so I don,t think it was on the cars as they shipped from the factory I think that option was dealer installed in some cases
    1972 corvette chrome alarm lock escutcheon related links ... cheon.aspx ... ts/0/2784/
  3. chromebumpers

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    I have correct 72 coupe, the assembly & service manuals if you need help again. It would help in most cases if you could attach a photo of the part in question.
  4. vettecop

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    Thanks for the help!!!!

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