My 460 Crankshaft

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  1. Shortly after I bought my 460 block. I got my hands on a factory replacement crankshaft with it's box. I been extremely busy and never really pulled it out of the box and gave it a good look until now.
    I can't see anything wrong with it other than it obviously sat in dry storage for decades and needs to be polished and prepped work done to it.

    What do y'all thank? IMG_20180327_171615.jpg IMG_20180327_171642.jpg IMG_20180327_171711.jpg
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    that does not look like its un-salvageable, why not take it to a local machine shop you trust and ask them to polish all the cranks bearing journals to a mirror like finish , have a detailed talk with your machinist about ordering bearings matching the crank and never assume he did it correctly, take the time and effort to verify clearances.
    BTW any time you store precision engine parts like a crank it should be carefully coated with moisture excluding oil/wax spray , wrapped loosely in oil soaked news-paper ,placed in a sealed plastic bag with a moisture absorbing dry outher news paper and placed in an air tight plastic box up on a shelf off the floor in a cool dry place.

    be aware that there generally are, engine bearings designed for



    and .020

    undersized journals,
    if you ask and do the required research if that were required.

    related threads
    I generally buy a container thats about 26" long and about 18" wide and 10" deep, for each pair of heads stored
    along with some brief documentation as to source, cost application and any custom milled angles etc.
    use 2 garbage bags, and put them on in opposite directions.
    that storing parts that are well oiled in double heavy duty plastic trash bags that are duct taped closed works reasonably well short term, but a good spray down with LPS #3
    lasts longer than oil , as its a wax/oil mix that lasts for decades in a sealed bag
    and use of larger plastic storage boxes, stored off the floor on shelving,
    to place the parts in those trash bags in significantly helps reduce the chances of moisture intrusion

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  3. I will after I get my block prepped, hopefully next week.
    I did a great deal of reading on y'all's crankshaft thread. I noticed that thread was mostly chevy cranks. Any thing I need to know about Ford's big block crankshaft? It's to my understanding that 460 crankshaft failure is almost unheard of.
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  4. I forgotten to add that my crankshaft was advertised as unused. I took that with a grain of salt when I bought it. But it still needs work.
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    theres no real major difference in the care needed in storing, cleaning or polishing
    having access too and using a skilled knowledgeable machinist is a huge help.
    ford, mopar, caddy, pontiac,olds,chevy, buick, import,, etc cranks

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