noisy 383 sbc?

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    obviously you can,t guess, you need to deal in facts and you get facts,
    closely examining the problem too diagnose the source.

    it sounds like all the valve train and rotating clearances were not verified before the engine was assembled.
    if the noise is related to the rpm, it could be the moving parts in the valve train or rotating assembly,
    I can tell you that a good many chrome oil pans,
    were built to fit a 350 with its 3.48" stroke not the longer 3.75" stroke of the 383 version of the SBC.
    in many cases a couple well directed hammer hits on the oil pan rail will provide the required clearance.
    pulling the valve covers and if required, the oil pan would be a reasonable first step
    in locating the source and examining the block and oil pan for indications of the rotating assembly contacting,
    the dip stick,a loose flex-plate, or flywheel,
    the rods or crank hitting the windage tray or edge of the oil pan is obviously the next step,
    followed by modifying or clearancing or replacing whatever part is required.
    it only takes a minor mechanical contact to make a hell of a racket so look closely
    deal in proven fact don,t guess
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