one more reason to never set foot in dicks sporting goods

Discussion in 'Tactical & Black Rifles' started by Grumpy, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. Grumpy

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  2. Mark Bradley

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    It is showmanship. They are trying to suck up to the general public.
    If they wanted to “do the rite thing” they would donate them to law enforcement rather than destroy perfectly good firearms.
  3. Grumpy

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    yes donating those rifles to the local police department,
    would potentially make sense, but it would not make the liberals feel warm and fuzzy,
    its their property and if they want to cut them up, thats a huge waste but their right,
    theres several dozen manufacturers ,
    that will be more than happy too turn out even more new replacements,
    in a single afternoon:D

    but then, logic and reasonable, are not even faint, trace factors in liberal DNA!
    logic would tell any one with a working brain that firearms are tools and its the criminally insane,
    not a mechanical object that is the cause of the problem.
    as has been said before, the liberal mindset of fixating on destroying the 2nd amendment and the NRA
    is like trying to stop drunk driving by confiscating sober drivers cars


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  4. Dave

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    Never needed or liked Dick's Sporting Good's...
    Never spent a dime at any of their store's...
  5. 2Loose

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    I don't usually post over here, just stick to my hot rods, but had to drop a comment...
    Some time back there was a meeting locally by folks "concerned" about "assault rifles", so with permission from my local police dept, I showed up with two gun cases, one with my legal and registered AR15, and one with my equally legal Ruger Ranch Rifle. First I opened up the case with the Ruger, took it out, showed it, explained that it was a .223 caliber hunting rifle, everybody agreed that it was not an "assault rifle"....
    Then I opened up the AR15, showed it, plugged in an empty 30 shot clip, everybody agreed that it was an "assault rifle"...
    Then I popped the clip out of the AR and plugged it into the Ruger, which stunned everyone....
    I then explained that when I trained in the Army with an M16, that I considered it an "assault rifle", due to it's selectable auto fire capabilities, and that I would never have gone into a fire fight with the AR15 when I was in the Army if the M16 was my choice, as the single shot capability of the AR did not make it an "assault rifle" in my estimation. Of course I got argument, such as "but it LOOKS like an assault rifle"....
    Not sure if I made any converts that evening, but at least I hope I got them thinking about the whole thing....
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    People fear what they don't understand. Increased population doubled since 50s or 60s I believe. 35000 to 45000 legal immigrants a year most escaping war torn nations which is why they want to come here to live. But some one from the city has no real understanding for the tool except violence cause thats how they have interacted with it. Whether Tv or police or gangsters. Not hunting or target shooting. Sad but true. Scary to say the least.

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