palm beach still dragging feet on building public rifle range

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    every time I check they swear they are working on this
    .....but progress is very slow (location is several miles north of northlake blvd and west of seminole pratt road into the corbett management area.
    the palm beach sheriff office allows public access to their rifle range on only one weekend or at most ,two daysa week, once or at most twice a month, generally limited to only one of ....the first two weekends each month and only rifles
    allowed.... facilities are limited

    The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, South Florida Water Management District and Florida Department of Environmental Protection recently closed a land deal on the J.W. Corbett Wildlife Management Area Water Management Project, meaning work on the Mecca public shooting park can get underway. 2014

    The proposed shooting park will address the regional need for a public recreational shooting facility and provide a venue for shooting sports events. The park will be developed money from the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration and Hunter Safety Grant program as well as the Fish and Wildlife Foundation of Florida.

    At the moment, the only public shooting site in the county is at the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s range at 20-Mile Bend.
    That range is open to the public for only 28 days per year and only for long guns, not handguns.
    The new shooting park will allow handgun use as well as skeet and trap shooting,
    which are not allowed now at the other site.

    County officials have estimated the shooting range would provide a $6.7 million boost to the local economy each year. National and international tournaments could generate between $5 million to $12 million per event for the local economy, county officials said.

    The new 150-acre shooting range is part of 1,919 acres the county purchased for $60 million in 2004, with the hope of luring The Scripps Research Institute to build a biotech park on the former orange grove.

    Scripps chose to settle at the Florida Atlantic University campus in Jupiter. The Mecca site remained idle but continued costing taxpayers millions of dollars in debt service and upkeep.

    In December 2013 the South Florida Water Management District purchased the land for $26 million — $5 million above its appraised value. As part of the deal, agreed to give 150 acres to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to build a shooting range that will meet Olympic competition standards. The state will build, operate and maintain the range at its expense.

    With the closing the district can now proceed with the project for flood control, waterway improvement and hydrological restoration and enhancement. Much of the hydrology of the area and surrounding topography was altered in the 1960s by historic drainage and water improvement projects.
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    Address: 12101 Seminole Pratt Whitney Rd, West Palm Beach, FL 33412
    Phone: (561) 625-5122

    rumor is that they should open in jan 2018

    until then the local police range is open a few days a month, but its obvious the cops running it on those rare weekends ,are not happy about civilian participation from what I've seen.
    The facility will be open to the public on the following dates in 2017: *

    [​IMG] 2017 Public Shoot Dates and Distances Schedule

      • January 7 & 8,
      • February 4, 18 & 19,
      • March 4 & 5,
      • April 1, 2 & 15,
      • May 6 & 7,
      • June 3 & 4,
      • July 1 & 2,
      • August 5 & 6,
      • September 2, 3, 16 & 17,
      • October 7, 8, 21 & 22,
      • November 4, 5, 18 & 19 and
      • December 2 & 3
    *The County will discontinue this program within 30 days of the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission opening the Shooting Sports Park to the public, which is adjacent to the Corbett Youth Park.

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