People Ask Me For Links To Low Cost Or Free Architectural Drawing Programs

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  1. Grumpy

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    I've had several people ask me for links to low cost or free architectural drawing programs
    if your planning a shop, those types of links, make designing a shop far easier
    and I know the software exists I just don,t know how to access the linked info
    so if you gentlemen know where the links and software does exist
    and you have experience using it,
    If you are planning to build a shop or garage or a new home you'll obviously need an architect
    to produce the building plans that the local building and zoning people in your area can look over and approve,
    but you'll need to show up with a basic idea on the lay-out size and dimensions on what you want to build at the architect office,
    and that's always going to require a few dozen changes to match the limits of your checking account balance and local building/zoning laws.
    theres got to be something basic that works a bit like (PAINT) where you draw a few lines and drag icons that are roughly to scale ,
    you drag from an impressive menu into place and that has dimensions,
    you insert, that represent doors, windows, electrical outlets plumbing fixtures cabinets,
    closets, water heaters, beds, tables, furniture , plumbing, electrical boxes and conduit runs etc.

    I'm sure there,s got to be at least several ,
    low cost , or free basic home/garage/shop design software programs available that are easy to use and learn

    please post related info, links,
    and your experiences, tips etc.

    related links +software&utm_adgroup=architectural software&_bt=486389253009&_bk=+architectural +software&_bm=b&_bn=s&_bg=118843691441&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIo6uc1pG77wIVBzKGCh38tgzbEAAYASAAEgKDufD_BwE +house +builder +software&utm_adgroup=3D Building Keywords&_bt=500343207102&_bk=+3d +house +builder +software&_bm=b&_bn=s&_bg=121105878227&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI7cyW35C77wIVlICGCh0MiwDGEAAYASAAEgKYyfD_BwE
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  2. Indycars

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    I'm using FreeCAD, but it's a complete 3D modeling program that does have a "Architectural" workbench. I don't have any experience with that workbench thou.

    If you just need a 2D for a floor plan then it would be easy for that and it would also be easy to add dimensions. Just use the "Sketcher" workbench.



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