Rag joint replacement

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    I've always tried to get a good factory shop manual and then follow the instructions carefully.. This has kept me (mostly) out of trouble. Here's one that I can't find even thought it "looks" simple enough. I've got a 1967 Olds Cutlass 442 with power steering. I want to replace the "rag joint" steering coupler. In the factory service manual.. it only refers to that joint when removing and repairing the steering gear box.
    Question -- can I simply unbolt the rag joint and replace or am I missing something. Do I have to remove the steering column or steering gear box ?

    Thanks Craig
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    the answer differs between cars, in many cases its a simple process (REMOVAL AND REPLACEMENT}

    http://www.jegs.com/p/Borgeson/Borgeson ... 9/10002/-1


    always use LOCTITE on the threads

    http://store.summitracing.com/egnsearch ... 9&D=317379



    as its counter productive to find the steering wheel no longer connected to the steering system once your moving at speed

    before you disassemble the connection CAREFULLY mark the two shafts (I usually use a line of bright floresent green nail pollish at the 12o,clock location on both shafts after the wheels are set strait ahead)or durring RE-assembly you could find the steering wheel rotation won,t be exactly vertical when the cars tracking strait ahead
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    Thanks Grump:

    I thought it looked straight forward -- but then I've gotten myself a lot of grief in the past because things looked straight forward .. I've got the first type joint. Always good to ask first -- and I won't forget the Loctite -- I really like to be able to steer the car at ALL times. Craig

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