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Discussion in 'donations for site support' started by Indycars, Oct 3, 2013.

  1. Indycars

    Indycars Administrator Staff Member

    This month when I went to make my donation I noticed something
    different, at least it's the first time I've noticed it. There was a place
    to make a recurring payment to someone. Below is what you might
    expect to see if you would like to make this type of payment.

    I started by using this link:

    It's the same link in the first post of this thread:
    "anyone who cares to help offset ,sites costs can donate here"

    All I had to do was put a check mark in the box, like you see below.
    The other two pics are just for your reference.

    The day you setup the recurring payment is the day it will happen
    every month.


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  2. 87vette81big

    87vette81big Guest

    What does Grumpy need every month to keep this forum up & running Rick ?
    $10 from each of us ?
  3. Altered76

    Altered76 Member

    Im not sure where his hosting is from as that is usually the main cost when running a forum. Shared hosting is usually less than $10 a month for service. Of course you can always add what ever you want to that such as SSL Certificates etc that can quickly add up. phpbb (this forums software is free) so add a domain name usually around $10-$15 once a year and it can be relatively cheap.

    The thing people usually dont understand is it takes quite a bit of time and effort to keep one clean from Spam and up to date. Spam bots, hackers, and so forth are always evolving so whats working today may not tomorrow. And when you update the forum software it can sometimes turn into a mess depending on what modification the site has had from its original form. So I always tell my site members if anything you do or use here is useful to you feel free to express that with a little donation. :lol:

    Just a guess actual cost per yr is probably $150 range.
  4. 87vette81big

    87vette81big Guest

  5. grumpyvette

    grumpyvette Administrator Staff Member

    Not counting my time, several engineering site news letters,I subscribe too,which costs about $149, a year , and what the power company charges etc.
    the basic web hosting, server costs ,site name registration, and other basic costs of keeping the site up are reasonable for a hobby
    Last time I calculated it it came to an average of $137 a month MINIMUM,not counting the once a year site renewal costs , the problem is its wildly inconsistent month to month.
    and at least once or twice a year monthly expenses jump to $220 or more for fees, etc.
    frankly I could do a few mods and improve things If my other unrelated costs were less but things are really tight

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  6. Indycars

    Indycars Administrator Staff Member

    Don't look at it like it's only $xx/month, anyone can afford that.

    Look at it with the attitude .....
    what is it worth to me
    what have I gotten that has saved me time or just allowed me to complete a project
    where else can I get 95% of my questions answered within two hours without bias.

  7. 87vette81big

    87vette81big Guest

    Yeah I know Rick.
    Grumpy saved me $1600 on Headers everyone is using on thier C4 Corvettes
    that can never allow a 400+ ci engine to perform.
    Provided the science to calculate & prove myself.
  8. Indycars

    Indycars Administrator Staff Member

    So what have you saved by NOT making a mistake???

    Just 2-10 $ per month can be setup as a recurring PayPal payment.

  9. mathd

    mathd solid fixture here in the forum

    Are you saying your webhosting cost are inconsistent month to month, and jump to 120$/month?
    thats not normal. I host a phpbb forum since 9 years, i always paid the same exact price and domain name always 10$/years without any renewel cost.
    If your host are playing with your invoice month to month, its really not nice and not normal.
    Honestly i think they are screwing you royally. At that price hopefully they have the best support in the world.
    what host are you using?

    Right now am using:
    i got the website for free with a gaming server. but they also rent webhosting alone, the "lite plan" wich is similar to the "included plan" am using is only 2.99$/month
    I got no downtime so far, and there support is the best i have seen the past 10 years.
    I know many people using and only them, its 5$/month domain name included(but i never tryed em personally)

    I think you should do some shopping for a webhost that is competitive.
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  10. grumpyvette

    grumpyvette Administrator Staff Member

    Im retired, I have time, but very few computer skills, and very limited financial resources I can use to expand this web site, currently and while I learn as I go, I find that I just don,t seem be doing whats required to get this site to expand as I,d like it too.
    my younger son works full time and has been a great help, but his expertize is in other areas, my older sons basically useless due to extensive medical issues and I,m supporting him and his family plus my house hold.
    the web hosting costs are consistent, and known ,the renewals cost are consistent, both are reasonable.
    what varies is the need to get and pay someone a couple times a year to make web site modifications, clear problems that come up, etc. when I can,t get my sons to do it or when they have no idea how to do what Im asking them to do too the web site. these guys I am forced too infrequently hire are usually people my younger son knows who do web site mods for a living, they generally have a minimum fee, to get involved, and give me a discount compared to what they normally charge because they know my younger son. and while it generally takes the guys less than an hour or two, they can get $50-$70 an hour to get the job done and it can take a bit of time and effort to explain what the problem is or what needs to be changed or altered added or deleted.
    all that is minor chicken feed, Im willing to absorb, financially,as long as I can hopefully make this a useful and informative resource, its a p.i.t.a. but its basically not the problem ,just a expense I,d like to cover, but what ID LIKE to do is both make the web site much more user friendly, the first place people think to look for answers , much easier to use and use as an auto related informational resource , and hopefully make a profit and pay the sites expenses, too the extent I can hire someone that will be willing to help show me both how to get and add sponsors and greatly increase member traffic.
    keep in mind there's a great deal of research time, and engineering magazine subscriptions,actual testing of products at times,etc. that this site benefits from what have associated costs that while not directly connected are benefits here also.
    IDEALLY It would be great to have a minimal second income source generated from the site rather than have it remain basically a hobby that costs time and money.
    I know from talking to several guys that own other car related web sites that what I,m looking to do is not that big a deal, some web sites generate a great deal more cash flow than I,m hoping to build, if I made 5% of what many of them make it would be well worth the effort to me and I could add a good many more features. in an ideal world Id love to do a bi-monthly engine build with detailed instructional help and a question and answer and help feature.
    Id love to have access to a few tools to do some interesting testing with, as for example we could have a detailed thread on building a flow bench and then testing members cylinder heads and intakes if we actually has some cash flow to off set the expense involved.
    I have no expectation of getting rich here but it would be wonderful if the web site was making enough too cover expenses and made some pocket change, to help out for those who take the effort to post and my time, Id love to be able to pay a fee too moderators and the more knowledgeable contributors posting here!
    Id love to build engines and test components, teach and be a well known resource for info, and then occasionally be able too donate those engines or parts to the members
  11. mathd

    mathd solid fixture here in the forum

    yeah, that would be awesome :).
    I think you should take a look at google adsense(i think most of the big site are using it to generate income), i dont think you can make lot of money with it except if traffic increase, but that will help pay some of the site cost.
    Getting the forum indexed correctly into google and other search engine will help increasing traffic.
    If you need help with databases/server or phpbb(the forum) doing mod or finding/fixing problem am ready to help for free(i helped countless people the past 10+years with website/webserver and gaming server for free thats my contribution to some community) yes the past few years i kinda retired from online gaming so i did for some community, sometime i just need some time to do a few search and catch up on the newer stuff but its never a big deal.
    As for the homepage, its flash media, i no longer have a flash editor(i can remedy that, but am not a pro with flash code) and it look to be custom work so maby i can do a few change/fix if needed by looking at the code, and thats a maby. Always worth taking a look.

    As you know, there is a small language barrier for me with english, so i cannot really phone over the usa(phone to usa cost fee for me wich i cannot afford right now anyway) i like to use chat client (bloodedge9 on skype, i like chatting with keyboard that give me some time to think before replying and make it much easier for me)or private message, sometime i use a program called teamspeak but my english is far from perfect especially when come time to troubleshoot lol.

    If you need some help, give me a pm or email or give me your skype/messenger info and i will take a look and see what i can do for free. I cannot promise to do everything(i always did, but you never know lol), its always worth giving a try instead to pay someone.
  12. chromebumpers

    chromebumpers solid fixture here in the forum Staff Member

    I've been looking for Federal Publication called 'Free Money.' It has listed free or low cost hosting for non-profit informational web forums. This doesn't mean you have to register as a 501-C-3 corporation. I have to look at and - they have the lowest costs anywhere. I'm pretty sure there is non-profit forum hosting and free fees for residents of FL over a certain age. AARP had something listed last year in INC. magazine about SC and Internet discounts. It's going take me a little while as I keep getting sidetracked.
  13. Indycars

    Indycars Administrator Staff Member

    I figured it never hurts to bring this up occasionally, since most people never
    think about the costs associated with keeping a website running. If you are
    like me, I can hardly remember how old I am, much less remember to donate
    regularly to a worthy website devoted to my passion.

    If I could kindly suggest that a reoccurring donation to this website is a great
    way to make it happen without having to remember! Don't think that it needs
    to be a big number, but just $2, $5 or $10 month would go a long way towards
    making sure that the website is here next month when you need info or advice.

    I have it on very good authority that not even $30 is donated most months ......
    can we do better ?????

    To see how to make a reoccurring donation thru PayPal, just go to the first post
    in this thread or click on the link below.


  14. JohnHancock

    JohnHancock Well-Known Member

    Got my $10.00 set up. Easy-Pesy!
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  15. Indycars

    Indycars Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks John, it's greatly appreciated!!!

    BTW, donations made this way don't show up on the donation meter. Shucks !!!
  16. chromebumpers

    chromebumpers solid fixture here in the forum Staff Member

    I don't know why I keep forgetting to discuss this but I can write a Federal Grant for this forum since it's main focuss is educational. There is still grant funding available this early in the year. You simply have to want to do this and just follow my instructions on submission.
  17. Grumpy

    Grumpy The Grumpy Grease Monkey mechanical engineer. Staff Member

    thats a very interesting offer Ive never considered please educate me!
  18. chromebumpers

    chromebumpers solid fixture here in the forum Staff Member

    I"ll write the grant information so that all here can benefit but not private information.
    The Federal Government has millions available for loans and grants to everybody, you just have to know its there and how to ask for it.
    I have experience with the more complex way of getting federal grants like asking for funding for research and programs for public good. I can get the easier money but it usually is just one time payments and this web site is a reoccurring expense. Also, I spend time looking for tax free money. The last thing I want to do is get you strapped with adding grant money to your income next year.
    The Feds may need you to add a mission statement to the home page. Now I'll give a quick, general idea of what that statement can be, it's just an idea, you can work on coming up with something better.
    Example: "We are a non profit, educational Internet Forum with illustrations and instructions with a focuss towards self- help for all participants." Again, I didn't put any thought into this, you have the idea.

    Keep in mind that many of these grants have minimums that you need to spend, so the money can be used for anything the site needs to perform its purpose and promotion. Some allowable expenses can be the initial purchase or upgrade/replacement of services, equipment and travel expenses.
    Cameras, lighting, memory, computer costs and equipment. Advertising- cards, banners, trade show and supplies, small give-aways and tools/equipment.
    I've seen several people I helped say they just wanted a few bucks and then later after they saw the check they started thinking and regretted they didn't apply for more. You can use the money for anything as long as it's use is exclusively for the Grant's purpose
  19. chromebumpers

    chromebumpers solid fixture here in the forum Staff Member

    Take some time and write down your questions, hopes or fears and I'll give you precise answers. I do this because it's more than just a few hours for me to put a grant(s) together and if you decide you don't want it or just never bother with sending it in, then I just wasted a lot of time.
    A couple of years ago I helped a couple (man and wife) get grants that paid for starting an auto upholstery shop for just under $80,000 tax free, no paypbacks just free money. They had let all the application expire and over 22 pages of my time (more than 90 hrs. Over the course of 3 months). They decided to wait. All they had to do was submit the papers and 6 to 8 weeks the money would have been in there bank.
  20. Grumpy

    Grumpy The Grumpy Grease Monkey mechanical engineer. Staff Member

    wow! I can,y believe anyone would pass up an opportunity to improve their business or personal welfare, if it only took mailing in a few forms to do so!
    I appreciate the time and effort and never thought that was even a possiability

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