ring gapping and basic piston ring info YOULL NEED

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    Building a 1984 Buick Grand National V6 engine today Grumpy.
    File fit tge rings.
    Forged CP Carillo pistons.
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    a dremel tool comes in very handy, it takes a great deal of patience, and caution and a good understanding of what your trying too accomplish , plus constant checking, but a dremel tool can be used, to gap rings

    be damn sure you verify the rings are installed in the correct location , with the correct clearances, bore surface finish,with the correct part,and the correct side of the ring facing the top of the piston
    but like you stated I find its a bit odd that I find most machine shops are instantly able to quote the cost to "TORQUE PLATE HONE" several of the less popular engines like the pontiac, olds, AMC caddy, and early hemis etc. yet they don,t own the required TORQUE PLATE, and in some cases I don,t think they care or want to discuss that minor technicality
    (years ago the thinking was that because the second rings did not endure the same high temperatures as the top ring the second lower ring could have less gap as it would expand less from heat, modern thinking resulting from testing shows the second ring should have a slightly wider end gap to prevent the stop ring from loosing its seal pressure and developing RING FLUTTER at higher rpms, the problem is that "higher rpms" differ with every combo built)
    bores must be honed with a deck torque plate to simulate the stress of a installed cylinder head stress , the torqued bolts exert on the bore walls, the torque plate induces and duplicates that stress so that the bore walls will be pulled into the same relationship when you hone the walls concentric, rings won,t seal correctly in a non concentric bore
    gaps must be correct for the application
    RINGS MUST BE MEASURED WHILE SQUARE IN THE BORE< A RING SQUARE TOOL HELPS, I USUALLY PLACE THEM ABOUT 1" DOWN THE BORE THEN MEASURE END GAP, see later in the thread for how to make a good but dirt cheap ring square tool
    ring ends must be, correctly gaped, cut parallel and de-burred before installation

    while these professional ring filing tools ,(LINKED BELOW) would be great to have on hand,
    during your engine assembly
    , the price makes owning one as a hobbyist unlikely
    early in this thread theres pictures and links to the manual piston ring filers
    and if your very careful you can use a cut-off wheel on a dremel tool

    yes as always theres cheap,functional, and theres expensive precision ring filers

    http://www.abs-products.com/specialty-t ... nder.shtml




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    This is a GREAT picture showing the benefits of using a deck torque plate. Thanks Grumpy.

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