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    Accessory belt system is a rotating assembly, right? ;) I wasn't sure where to post this thread.

    A lot of differing opinions regarding single serpentine belt system vs v-belt. Not wanting to start a debate. I do want to add air conditioning eventually and I like how the stock brackets still allow you to remove the water pump without removing the other components. The aftermarket brackets certainly look better, are more compact but many of them use a single bracket for the A/C and alternator. Mark up is pretty high and use of billet aluminum isn't necessary. You can find hardened 6061-T651 Aluminum Plate at a reasonable price.
    Anybody out there done this? And know the specs on the small block chevy, measurements between engine block and head threads?

    If I were able to use my friend's CNC machine I could make all these accessory brackets for $100. Ideally I'd only have to make two brackets, one on the passenger side for A/C and one on the driver's side that don't interfere with the water pump. I'm undecided about where the alternator should go.

    1st picture: Stock
    Many stock b-body, f-body, C1500's look like this from 1988-1993.
    Pros: may have the best belt friction/apply area, has two separate brackets allowing water pump to be removed without un-installing everything else.
    Cons: Uglier. Tensioner up top and it has the old air pump location below the A/C.

    3rd picture: Eddie Motorsports
    Pros: Probably the best looking. I like how the tensioner is below the A/C but as you can see the A/C and alternator bracket is one piece.
    Cons: the Power steering pulley doesn't have as much apply area on the pulley, I guess that's ok but probably not ideal.

    4th picture: CVF Racing
    Pros: idler pulley between the water pump pulley and power steering pulley adds more tension
    Cons: this same idler pulley causes power steering pump to shift more to driver side, may interfere with gearbox. Have to measure distance from ps pump reservoir and gear box.

    5th picture: March Performance
    Pros: Looks good, compact, plenty of space near the thermostat housing and power steering pump. Could maybe use any power steering pump (keyway, press-on, Saginaw type 1 or 2)
    Cons: doesn't look like there is much space to work with behind the A/C compressor. If a mini alternator was used then you could switch positions with the A/C. Brackets attach to water pump bolts.

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    This diagram show the block dimension, but it does not show the heads.


    The engine mount spaces the alternator out 3/8" from the block and this provides a perfect alignment
    for the 2 v-belts.

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    This is great info. I was hoping to find a diagram with the distance between head bolts and the engine block but this is helpful. Thanks!
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