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    http://www.traditionalmountaineering.or ... ankets.htm ... 243510214a

    these are great for under your sleeping bag, when placed on top of your sleeping pad as a reflective heat barrier or draped over your sleeping bag if you have glued small Velcro tabs that prevent them from sliding off easily, but they are more of a moisture and wind barrier than a blanket that provides warmth, on really cold nights in a back pack tent they are great to have but don,t think they will alone provide much warmth, you still need a decent sleeping bag, and clothing if the outside temperature drops or you get soaked, one use I found they are good for is hanging like a wall on the far side of a camp fire, be careful because thy melt easily but they reflect a amazing amount of heat and light into your tent if placed carefully at a short distance from the fire, I generally place the tent and space blanket with its reflective side facing the fire and tent, both about 10 feet back from and on opposite side from the SMALL camp fire

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