Welding Sheet Metal Patch Panels

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    step one
    get all the areas to be welded carefully cleaned ,
    on both sides for at least an inch back on each side of the materials if you can do so,
    with a rotary wire brush.
    make damn sure you've removed ALL flammable materials and disconnected the battery cables before welding on a car.
    have a decent fire extinguisher handy,
    (preferably CO2 as it won,t make a huge mess like dry chemical will)
    step two
    make an accurate replacement pattern panel from poster board,
    to use before you start dealing with a sheet metal replacement patch panel

    step three

    ideally use a metal forming tool to offset the panel edge so welds require far less grinding to leave a flat surface.
    use a good anti-corrosion paint after welding the surfaces.
    temporarily use clecos or pop rivets to hold panels in place for welding.
    laying wet towels on adjacent areas, to absorb excess heat,
    and welding in about 1" long sections,
    then skipping to a new area, as distant as possible, on the panel,
    to weld while that area cools,
    tends to reduce panel warp issues







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